Sunday, June 2, 2019

Now what?

Now we are all looking in front towards the future and doing the bast we can.

 Of course it looks like a storm blew in and dumped shit all over the place...
I can vouch that on this date it looks much better !
and as 2 people suffering from different mental illnesses and one of them is just retired
and the other one is working full time...
we just do what we can everyday. 
slowly but surely
 And since I took these pictures , I sold a bunch of stuff to my life saver...
I cannot tell you enough how I am grateful I found this great quirky lady!
 in love with it
 More of the mess downstairs...
everyday it gets better, everyday I feel more at home!

We call this lamp...the pineapple lamp.
I have seen it all my life and for some reason Dan fell
in love with it....I officially gave it to her...

so folks that is our progress so far. 
red living room 90% done
Bedroom 80% done
Dining room 60% done
Kitchen 70% done
Basement 40% done since this is where the bulk of the mess is...

So it is truly one day at a time...and we need to 
relax and have fun...
so being optimistic in 2 weeks everything should be done...


I will keep you posted on that!