Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What a difference a couple of inches make....

The kitchen is half the size of the one I had when we lived in the burbs....

so when we moved we just plunked the microwave in the corner that made sense at the moment.

Of course I forgot to take a before picture....

This is where the microwave was before and the utensil pot was on top of it.

 This is the microwave new home.
It gets along great with the jadeite bowl, the vintage timer,
the vintage match holder and the report jadeite S&P
It will look ever better once everything will be painted....
We should start next month by sections.....

Also I wanted to share this picture full of precious cacti.
It is from a little cafe near my job.
I pass by every morning and last week they had all these adorable cacti in the window!

I want them All!

Next day they were gone...

Crazy enough there's no more snow here in Montreal...
Usually we should be suffocating in snow...

we woke up to freezing rain...later it turned to rain

Winter coats are too warm to wear!

I hope spring is around the corner!  

Monday, February 27, 2017

Super good deal

Last week, I spied a pork loin at $1.99 a pound (Canadian).

When I asked the butcher about it, I hadn't realized that it was an entire pork loin.

 As you can see it was quite largest 

I was surprised at the quality for the price.
Meat was really nice, fresh and not too fatty.

So in total I got 5 packages for stir fry  and 16 chops.

Here, for $12.86 it is definitely a GOOD deal!


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Win Win !

another kitchen post!

I believe I complained a couple of times about my cooktop.....

It is a 1979 Jenn-air. The vent works perfectly and I loooove it!

After the repairman came and told me parts for this model don't exist anymore....I installed the grill.

So I had 2 burners and a grill. when you use the grill the vent turns itself on at the highest setting, it makes a lot of racket and the grill never really gets hot enough....

So I have 2 burners....

sometimes meal planning is really hard because of only 2 burners...

 I got the idea to buy a stand alone burner.....
I found out that Canadian Tire sells those....

 So we gathered all our Canadian Tire money,
$18.25 in total
and I bought myself this...
 I only paid $4.35 !

I am so happy, it works really well!

Yeah! Until we find parts for the cook top or save money to get a new one...
Those are expensive!
So I'll take my little extra burner any day!

Stay thrifty!

The rack

It occurred to me that it was about time I shared some pictures of my apartment.

I have a lot of custom quirky details....

Like the rack

 There isn't really a lot of cabinets to put pots
and pans, so Dad had this installed when he was living there.
We lowered it and now this is where the pots,
pans and strainers hang out (get it?)

 In the background you can see my Turquoise and Butterprint Pyrex
and yes that is Pyrex in the cabinet!

At one point the kitchen was yellow...but Dad got sick of it
and had some faux finish done on all the wall and cabinets.....

I am not a big fan! lol

Oh well one thing at a time!

Be well!

Out thrifting....

I haven't been thrifting in a long time...I would like to say forever, but that is just not true

Saturday we decided to go on a road trip...first Lake Placid...changed our minds because of weather and politics....

then we opted for Cornwall, Ontario and then i saw the weather update...not good a foot of snow or more...

so that is when we opted for Valleyfield, Qc.....My Dad lived there as a child, we had a VR there for some years and it is still an area we enjoy...

First off here some things I left....

 I was tempted by the fondue plates...
I have been craving cheese fondue and chinese fondue...

 Nice Corelle teapots plus a Pyrex coffee pot

 I had never seen plastic Cinderella bowls...Unknown maker.

 Those kitties were a hoot but too expensive at $10 each....

 The 4 bowls were $20. A good price but I already have them..

 These are the goodies that came home with me....

A large Fireking Jadeite bowl, a stainless steel tissue box cover,
a vintage S&P set (corn) , a vintage tin and a big beer glass.

The shakers were .50 the pair, the tissue box cover was $5 (great because retail they
sell for $30-$35), the tin and the glass were free....
My biggest find was the bowl!
That dealer had no idea what that was and he let me have it for
$5. Yes $5!!!! WOOT!

I'm keeping the bowl for the time being....

Here's a close up from the tin....

It felt really good to go for a car ride, to thrift, to hang out....

Till next time! 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

But once in a while......

I am quite disillusioned  with the human race nowadays...

So much hate, negativity, violence.....aaaaarrrggghhh!

It is everywhere: social media, tv,newspapers, near the water cooler, in the bus, the subway

Sometimes I can't take it anymore! It stresses me out and I am sure I am not the only one!!!

But once in a while...I see something that gives me hope that all is not lost...

That there is still some love and understanding....

 I saw this on a lamp post. It says:
If you're cold take one
the ziplock was full of winter gloves....

 Then the next lamp post was this....

Same thing: If you're cold take one.
In this bag you could find woolen caps (toques)

That made me feel warm allover!
Some people still care.

Thank you!!!

This afternoon on my way home I found this darling Ikea
turquoise cart.

WOW and the beat price EVER! FREE!!!  

It needs a good scrubbing but overall it is in great shape!


I had a great day, I laughed and laughed and it felt good!

I hope you laughed today

Saturday, January 28, 2017

1 year

This is the first anniversary of my Dad's passing.

I apologize for the picture, I got a new printer and I can't seem to figure out how to crop out the picture.

This was taken when he was working for Dralion for Cirque du Soleil. He always had a cap on. He is either drawing or taking notes on the performance.

This is how I remember him, always trying to make the design work, always tweaking costumes.

My Dad, my protector. I always felt protected when I was with him.

Sometimes i feel so alone in the big sea of life....and then I remember that Dan and Vero have always had my back and even if I feel sad they are there to support and love me.

Meghan is thriving, and everyday she's more at ease with the other fur babies

I love you Dad

Always XXX