Thursday, January 29, 2015

Testing 1, 2

So it seems that I need to download Chrome....It works with Vista

and since I don't have money lying around , right now, I decide to give it a go. I believe I will be able to tweek it so I don't get all those pesky Russian/ Asian voluptuous brides for hire...

Fingers crossed!!!

                                         Success! I was able to upload a picture!

                                         Now I will have to be XTRA vigilent to keep the junk and crap away!!!

                                        Thank you for the moral support . Sleep tight!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Totally Innocent

So I found out that Bandito is totally innocent....

Thr problem is...and it pains me to say so but Google doesn't support the version of Internet Explorer I have been using and my Windows Vista computer isn't compatible with ...well .....

ANYTHING! I could install Chrome....and I did. I had it for a couple of months and I was plagued with invitations to meet Russian girls and pictures of nubile Asian girls.

So I went back to Explorer....until I couldn't post pictures in my blog....

I tried Firefox and had the same crap results....

I am disappointed and sad that my 5 year old laptop will probably have to go.....

In the meantime I will try to blog during my coffee breaks!

'til then....Be well my thrifty friends! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I had just good intentions!

I swear! I wanted to post about something interesting....

And yet I can't add any pictures to my post....something about a resumable folder and not recognizing the programm...

This might be Bandito's doing....he loves to hang out on the open laptop on cold evenings...And he opens files, web sites and I suspect he is trying to buy some kitty treats on Ebay...One day it took me 30 minutes to close the laptop because he had opened 67 browsers and of course the computer was all mixed up!

Oh well! I need to figure out how to fix this!

Sleep tight my friends!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Still TCB

Choosing 2015's word was a no brainer. TCB (taking care of business) worked so well in 2014, that I decided to choose it AGAIN.

So as our first TCB actions of 2015 today : we will install our vision board, clean the pots and pans cupboard....You know what I mean...Yes you do!

The recipe is simple: 1 part keep, 1 part store, 1 part donate. Easy peasy!

And finish caulking around the kitchen sink.

The organizing experts have got it wrong...Even when you are reading to give some stuff up, doesn't mean you can do it all in 1 hour!

On December 26th we cleaned out the first shelf of the pots and pan cupboard but after I had a headache and was exhausted, so I asked Dan if we could finish this another time.

2015 will be a year of change and of many trips to the thrift to donate! I might even pick up some new treasure along the way!

 If you remember, I will put my Etsy store on hiatus on January 13 th. I already have gone through my inventory with what I will kept for myself, what to offer to my stepdaughter and what to donate.

We also have decided to put our house on the market; I.E all the purging nd organizing. We can't stand the commute anymore and let's face it our little town has been invaded by loads of stressed out citydwellers leaching their stress all over, driving like a-holes etc...

So if all goes according to plans, we should have Xmas 2015 in the city. Everything is still up in the air, but I have faith that all will be for the best and all parties involved will be hunkydory.

 I end this post with pictures of our trip to Maine in February 2011. They had a big ass
snowstorm and for us it has been one of the most memorable road trip to date. We hope to go back soon and bring Dad.
 Dad loves Maine and the ocean and would love seeing them in winter too.
 The first 3 pictures are of York Beach Maine. The first of is of the Goldenrod , makers of the best
salt water kisses EVER!

 Last 2 pictures are from the beach in OOB.

   of course we had to stop there. This place is so dear to our hearts.

So that's it for today. I will finish with capuccino (yum) and attck the caulk!

Be well!!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Crafty TCB

Well, Xmas is over and just a warm fuzzy memory and the New Year is just a stone throw away.

I cooked and baked so much that the skin on my entire body felt covered in flour...

Everybody appreciated and got their seasonnal goodies...

                                     Henry found a new friend Stella of Elf on a Shelf  fame.
                                       I sure hope he behaves!

I made a fresh and lovely lunch of grilled shrimp and quinoa salad
                                                   And Dan made this lovely super cute birch tree for Dad.
                                                The Etsy shop might take a new direction!
                                                 I'm thinking all kinds of birch accessories!

                                                  So for now , good night and sleep tight!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Turkey? Check!

So it is Xmas eve and everything is ready...

We are waiting for my stepdaughter who took a nap....

I have a fast recipe to share with you in case you need something not too sweet or a last minute gift....

Cranberry Fudge !!!

you will need:

8 oz semi-sweet chocolate
1 cup chopped dried cranberries
2/3 cup of sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix the chocolate and the sweet condensed in a bowl placed on top of a pot filled with hot water, not boiling and melt, stir occasionely. When all combined, add the vanilla then the cranberries.
Pour in a bread mold lined with cellophane wrap. Smooth top and cover. Refrigerate at least 3 hours and cut in pieces.


This is super easy and DELICIOUS!
On this sweet note I wish you all a very Merry Xmas!
i hope you will have lovely and safe celebrations
Be well , stay safe and keep on thrifting!!! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


2014 was the suckyest thrifting year for little old me. There were no BIG finds and in a way that is fine since I decided to put the store on hiatus.
But I love a day where all the thrifting stars align and you find good stuff! You just need to appear and pouf! Thrifting magic!
So that’s just what happened on Saturday….We took a small roadtrip to drop a box of donation at the Value Village in Cornwall and cross the bridge for some U.S. groceries….
But our first stop was Michael’s for a Xmas Peanuts flag…I lost mine to a windstorm 2 christmasses ago….I have no idea why they don’t carry seasonal flags , they have Friends and Welcome but no Christmassy joy (SUPER DOUBLE BUMMER)
So back in the car and on to Value Village…I drop my box and went in not expecting much…There was a lot of gooood stuff
But especially a vintage Xmas tree stand new in a box from Zellers. We had the same one , until it rusted out and died and we bought a big ass Xmas tree stand that is super ugly nut the tree never tips over…My step daughter wanted one for a small tree and the price was right at $2.00 ($3.99 minus 50% off).
I also grabbed one of those mixed bags for $1.99 and I was thrilled to find this mini pitcher (creamer) that had been on my thrift bucket list for many years, ever since I bought its big bro in a church basement in Moncton NB…That takes us back to 1988 !
There were 2 other knickknacks that will re-enter the wheel of thrifting pretty soon….

We also stopped at the Salvation Army and I wa lucky enough to find this
Vintage exterior light set , new in the box for $2.00
I will use it to replace one of my sets that is cracking under the weather strain.
Last but certainl not least...
This is a blowmold vignette that Dan set up for me.
It fills me up with JOY!!!

                                  I'm off to watch TV because I need to get off my feet. I just came out of
                                 a Xmas cooking marathon! I made cranberry orange bread, cranberry fudge, mini cheese balls and Pfeffernusse dough (I will bake the cookies tomorrow as they taste better the same day).

Tomorrow I will cook the turkey, stuffing and Monte Carlo potatoes....Good times!