Sunday, August 14, 2016


Whoa time flies!

I have been on a progressive return to work and it is okay. Not the big love affair with my job, but I could be doing a lot worse!

People are actually nicer to me....Maybe they're scared I will implode or something....

Here's what I've been up to:

I realized I had 2 big celery bunches that were near the point of no return.....

I chopped it, and bagged it to be frozen to add to soups.

I dehydrated the celery leaves. They will add a lot of flavor to
soups ans stews.

 I regularly buy bunches of dill but I find they go icky really fast.
This time I just threw the leftovers in the dehydrator!

 Here's the celery bits all ready for the freezer.

 Do you know Tasty? It's on Facebook and on YouTube.
They have really fast and tasty recipes, this one is eggplant rollatini with
ricotta cheese and lemon zest! DELICIOUS!

 I still had a lot of raw almonds from my Dad's fridge...
I made some homemade Tamari Almonds
 Easy and tasty!

Here's a link for the recipe  

Nothing new on the thrifting front....

Oh well! 

Havea great evening !

Monday, August 1, 2016

New Things

If you're a regular reader, you've probably noticed that I love trying out new things (kitchen related mostly)....

In the past 2 weeks I tried 2 really different things!

I dry aged steaks and I dehydrated shredded potatoes for future hash browns!

First the steaks: I love steak and it is an occasional splurge. I was thinking, maybe there's a way to improve an okay steak...Well there is!

First there was a sale and I bought 4 bone in rib steaks for $26. You remove the packaging, you rinse the steaks and dry them well with paper towels.

 Then you loosely wrap each steak in cheese cloth....

Then you put the steaks in a tray in the refrigerator for at least 3 days,
Unwrapping them each day and re-wrapping in the same cheesecloth.

These are 2 of the steaks after 3 days. You will need to trim the dried bits but
there aren't a lot after only 3 days.

This was a success! The $6.50 steaks tasted like $30 steaks.

The only things is that this takes a lot of place in the fridge, i you have a second fridge it will be perfect!

If you need more info do a web search and all your questions will be answered.

Next the de-hydrated potatoes....

Well it happens that I have a dehydrator...
and I love to preserve things! And potatoes were super cheap!

So this goes much faster if you have a mechanical shredder...
and you will need to soak the potatoes...
Those just came out of the dehydrator

2 jars of hash browns to make a casserole

This is the link I visited for all the info:

I will be making some more on Thursday!

Be wel, be thrifty! 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Seen Around

I have been busy doing an inventory of my Dad's HUGE Fontani Nativity.

I have cases and cases of palm trees, animals and people. And maybe 40 buildings....Maybe more.

I will be returning to work next Tuesday part time. Yippeee (NOT) . While I was off, I realized that I don't really like it there...Took me 5 years....

I will wait 6 months to see, if I change my mind and maybe look within the same company, different department.

In the meantime, I will share things I've seen around!

 This character is on the side of a building on St-Denis street.
He makes me smile!

 I love old water tanks on top of buildings.
They are a dying breed in Montreal.

 There is a lot of street art in my neighborhood.
Isn't this fish gorgeous?

This doll scared me and reminded me of that crazy 
character played by Kristen Wiig

Image result for kristen wiig snl characters


When I saw this ceramic pizza shoe votive holder,
I wondered who was the person who dreamt this up!
Is that crazy or what?

Last but not least...I went to a big thrift last week and there was nothing good....
except this Pyrex bowl that had already been snatched up by a woman.
I hid to take the picture!

Have a great Sunday night!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Herb Garden

I love gardening but I am quite lazy....

But I miss my veggie garden. A LOT.

So I bought some herbs and sowed some.

And this is the result

Chives, rosemary, kale, thyme, parsley, bell peppers, sage....
And this is arugula.

Since those pics were taken, I sowed some lettuce and yellow bush beans...

we will see what comes out of this impromptu veggie/herb garden

In the mean time...

stay well my friends!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

TCB (Taking Care of Business)

I procrastinate....Usually because I am afraid to fail (stupid, eh?)

6 or 7 years ago we bought 2 folding lawn chairs, you know the kind, every body had some in the 60's and 70's.

 Of course I forgot to take the REAL before picture, with all the old 

 See how worn it is in the middle.
I was afraid it would rip out every time I would sit in it.

I had bought some new webbing from Ebay quite a long time ago to 
repair the chairs, but it was sitting in a cupboard waiting for me to stop 

Well today I did!
It took me a couple of hours and guess what?

 I was scared for nothing!
It was real easy!
 Nice and sturdy!

And I have some leftover to redo the other chair!

I am so proud of myself!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Magic Tree

We had so much to sort through with my Dad's passing....

The one hundred face cloths, the dozen stainless steel bowls, the plastic crates, the outdated lamp shades...

And more! like that crazy Fontanini nativity scene with hundreds of figurines and animals.....but we are not there yet!

I am just talking about day to day stuff, plates and bowls, cutlery...

I am just clarifying because I get a lot of flack from people (my Dad's friends, relatives etc...) that I should not throw away treasures....Yet they don't want any.....

First of all I did not throw away any national treasures...At one point you just don't know what to do with 30 glasses...

We did countless trips to the thrift shops...and eventually Dan said I am sick of going to the thrift shop, the gas spending , our time etc...

So I decided to just leave things by the tree, the tree in front of my Dad's apartment.

I left an ironing board, stainless steels bowls, lamp shades, floor sweepers, terracota pots, plastic crates....

 Yes that is the tree...

 It is the only tree on my side of the street...

and it is magic....because every time you leave something next to it,
It will magically disappear.

People in the Plateau are such scavengers it is crazy cool...

I am one! So proud!

I prefer to leave objects by the tree so people will take them, then to throw them away in the garbage!

Nighty Night!


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Who Knew?

Growing up, my Dad was puttering in our small backyard every chance he got.

He worked 12-14 hours a day very often. He would go to his workshop on Saturdays...So garden time was Sundays.

I was young and eager to learn. I learned about the differences in plants, the bulbs, annuals versus perenials.

Dad would often find that I was all thumbs, but I loved hanging out in the yard planting bulbs and drinking tea.

When we bought the house in the burbs, I mostly planted plants I loved from my childhood. Lillies, irises, delphiniums, lupines and rosa rugosa.

Let's face it I bit off way more I could chew...eventually my yard was like a jungle and even if I worked on it
I felt overwhelmed....

Here in my new garden, I am still learning to know what every thing is, which plant needs what, how to trim the vines and clematis.

 The fountains are quite the new thing for me.
This cute one was called the cat's fountain by Dad.
Actually my cats are kinda scared of
But a lot of birds drop by everyday.
 I need to clean the pump every week or it gets full of debris...

 The pump died for the bigger one....I bought a new one....
And there is a piece missing!
All the components are waiting patiently....

and the mosquitoes!!!

Where I lived, since I was near the water we had millions of mosquitoes...
Dad kept telling me there were no mosquitoes in Montreal...
WRONG!!! I am full of bites!

I ordered some mosquito dunks to help with the problem...

I'll keep you posted!

Have a great night :)