Wednesday, November 23, 2016


In my last post, I wrote about closing the garden.....

Monday morning, I woke up to this!

 Usually the first snowfall melts in the same day....
Not this one!

Definitely time to think about Xmas!

 Those are pics from my house in the suburbs

 I love this little plate! I am so glad
nobody bought in on Easy...

 i still don't know how I will decorate outside because those squirrels
are CRAZY!
I am afraid to loose what Xmas lights are left!
I am sure I will think of something since I am super resourceful

And I will be praying for a white christmas.....

Have a great evening!

Monday, November 21, 2016

In the garden

Fall is definitely the season of the we have to; We have to rake the leaves, we have to plant bulbs,

we have to plant the perennials, we have to weather proof, we have to put the storm windows....
I am sure that you get the gist!

So I am posting pictures of the garden

The fountains have been emptied, the water garden - same. Leaves have been racked and bulbs have
been planted. the windows have been taken care of...

Now it is time to think about Christmas!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Road Trip

A couple of weeks ago we took a road trip to Saint-Bartelemy, QC
Which is about 90 minutes east from Montreal

I actually found this place on Facebook and it looked like an hidden gem!

They even boast having 100,000 antique hardware pieces....

Oh my what a treat! I knew right there that this was going to be an awesome

 They have a big backroom and that was what we were looking for....

 In the 80's when my Dad bought the ground floor of his house, 2 guys bought
the second floor (where I now live) and changed all the original door handles with 80's
weird white plastic door handles that have since yellowed. 

 So now we have decided to replace those awful handles with
bonefide antique door knobs

 The hardware selection is amazing and overwhelming!
There is so much stuff, I wanted to change everything in my house!
But before I go crazy....we will take pictures and measurements....

we also stopped at an awesome general store called 
Magasin General Lebrun

It is a store, museum and cafe all rolled into one

  1.  They have a great selection of gifts, housewares and 
 On display are antique exhibits of day to day items
used in Quebec in the early 1900's

My Dad would've loved this place!

I can't wait to go back with pictures and measurements to get new 
door handles!

When my Dad died, I promised him only one thing...

That I was going to take care of the house as much as I could.

We are staying put for the time being.

The succession is not closed yet....
The books are still here...
it is as if nobody wants them and that would break my Dad's heart if he was still alive...

I am praying that we will all be okay and that we don't need to sell the house...

we will see.....

Sunday, October 30, 2016


Okay so I didn't  post anything yesterday...

But on Friday night I made ratatouille  and meat sauce, so tonight we were able to have baked pasta.

Today we raked leaves, closed the 2 fountains and put away pots.

I have issues dealing with the water garden because it is stinky right now and there is a lot of water I need to dispose of.....

It  is not like I could just pour it down a drain....There is NO drain and the yard is mostly paved.

I might pour some bleach in it just to remove the stink, not a lot but just enough....

I never even thought of taking pictures....

Be well

and sleep tight!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Being Prepared

I first developed what I call the squirrel complex in 1998.

It was probably already dormant, but it really exploded when I lost my job....

All I wanted to do was preserve food!

That year I canned so much food! Green and yellow beans, tomatoes, beets, turnip with beats, pickles, more pickles and more pickles...

I was convinced the apocalypse was upon us (okay not really but you know...we cope how we can)

Well the apocalypse did not come, I found another job and life continued...

since then I've preserved a lot of food, fails and successes....Apple sauce and chicken stock HUGE

FAILS!!!! I guess I needed a pressure cooker.....

I am super scared of the pressure cooker because my family seems to be cursed by it...Explosions, holes in the ceiling, baked beans tucked in the walls....purple beet ceilings

So this year I mostly dried herbs, dried hash browns and I am trying to keep my mini pantry well stocked.

It means I keep a close eye on things.

It is not much but I keep

4  X 26 oz tomato cans

4 boxes of chicken stock

1 bag of potato flakes

2 kilo bags of basmati rice

2 packages of potato gnocchi

several cans of tuna

2 quarts of hash browns

a lot of cat food. canned and dry

10 gallons of water

3 months of prescription meds

and I have boxed mac n cheese and some Indian ready to eat dishes.

So we should be okay for at least 72 hours.

On the day to day basis...I try to cook a couple of dishes on Friday or Saturday so I don t have to worry about lunches and suppers throughout the week.

It has been great blogging tonight!

I hope I will blog tomorrow too!  

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Seen around

This post has been long overdue! how you

My neighborhood is super quirky and you never know what you might find!
 I love walking home and I take the same route most every day.
Funny how you can walk by something every day and not notice it...

 Yes your eyes are not deceiving you!
It is a mannequin sitting on the ledge of this building with a bucket on
its head! FAR OUT!

Besides this awesome sighting, life is what it is.
you get up , feed the pets, go to work, 
go home, pay the bills, watch tv and go to sleep.
And do it all over the next day. It does sound terribly boring
but I enjoy it.
I love the structure of the routine.

On the food front I am deeply obsessed by Indian food.
I don't know why but I dream of the spices, the heat and the comfort.

 Yesterday I made curried chickpeas with cauliflower stew.
This hit the spot! I added some sriracha sauce for some heat
and served it over basmati rice and Tikka Masala turkey breast.

 I saw this Barbie cake in a nearby bakery.
I don't like this bakery because the owner looks dirty
(her nose is full of HUGE blackheads)
and she reeks of smoke. And let's face it the cake looks way too
handmade (Pinterest fail)

I also saw this cruddy but vintage oven on the sidewalk.
I love the design and I am sad it is ending its life that way 

I will go in a Quebec road trip to Saint- Barthelemy village.....

(100,000.00 pieces of antique hardware)

Sunday, October 2, 2016


I love Fall!

I love the chill in the air (especially since I spent the summer drenched), the colors, the food (I love soup).

In the past week we had 2 cats at the vet so we are back to a super tight budget. I don't really mind because last year clothes still fit me...

and this is a miracle! The pantry and the freezer are full of staples and I have access to really cheap food.

Some of it is border line expired, so I cook it when I bring it home or I freeze it.

I want to  share some of my favorite plants I spotted while walking

 I truly wish I had tons of decorative cabbages

 Oleanders always remind me of Italy.
That's what Rome smells like. 
Their smell is enchanting.

Near my house there is a cat cafe Le Chat L'Heureux (the happy kitties) I walk past it every day.

I wish you a peaceful night and a sunny Monday

I will pack our lunches for tomorrow while watching Fear of the Walking Dead.

Are any of you watching it? What are your thoughts?