Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Clamato Canada Day SWEET GIVEAWAY!

Great news faithful Canadian readers! My friends @ Clamato have contacted me to see if I would like to host a giveaway for Canada Day!

You could win this....

Isn't it to die for! You'll be the life of the party!
You just need to add spitits!

Do you want a chance to win this?

Well it is easy!
1) you must be a follower or become one
2) Leave a comment on this post
3) contest is opened to Canadian residents only (sorry about that, you know I don't make the rules)
4) contest will close on Monday July 4th midnight

Just a reminder I'm 5 followers shy of

Get your Ceasar on! I'm off to make myself one!  Yeah baby!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Oooooh! Diamond hiding in Value Village!

I had written a fabulous and witty post but blogger just ate it up! QWERTYUIOLMNBVCXZ!"/$%?&*IO)!

So here goes! Yesterday (Sunday) we decided to head west (yes again) to Morrisburg to visit the McAffie's Flea market. Morrisburg is about 35 minutes west of Cornwall by the scenic highway (translation: yard sales and Market Place flea where we got our buffet and credenza).
I had brought a boatload odf magazines (not vintage) to donate. So I say: Do you think Value Village is opened on Sundays (a surprising amount of shops are closed on Sunday in Ontario) and Dan answers: I guess so. Anyways we have to drive by...and lo and behold it is open! I'm just gonna pop in to drop the mags, ok?

So Dan says: I'm sure you're gona browse, no? Of course I am! And I was rewarded with this....

Oh yes come to mamma! You beautiful Cinderella Promotional 1958 decorator casserole!
I'm gonna make you mine! All mine, all mine.....My precious.......

And for only...

Even Dan was excited! And that is a big deal coming from someone who works to move the collection out of the house!

I really enjoy McAffie's Flea market but the sellers have CRAZY prices!

See the Friendship 403 in the background? Well the seller wanted 23$ for it!
And she kept hovering and asking me if I wanted some help! I DON'T WANT HELP LADY' YOU PYREX IS TOO FREAKING EXPENSIVE, SO I TAKE PICS TO POST ABOUT IT ON MY BLOG! OKAY? 

That felt goooood!

Pardon the crappy pic, the lighting was horendous!

The big Hostess bowl was going for 35$, really!

Another crappy pic!

My fave booth is the basement! It is basically one huge, dusty, hodge podge booth and the lady wants to sell! You know what that means, right? Great deals!

My For Trade post you come out any day now!

Sleep tight :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

No thrifting for me NOOOOOO SIIIIRRREEEEE!

Was I a BAD girl? Not that I know of....Yesterday I woke up to RAIN, so no yard sales! That was a major bummer!

So instead we worked in the house more specifically the living room/dining room....Since the end of May I have 2 HUGE tubs on my patio filled with Pyrex. So I have to decide what was going in, being displayed, what was going in the basement and finally what was going for adoption....

So it was an emotionnaly charged afternoon! I just had to take a nap! After a well deserved nap....I continued to sort and clean and place...

Watch for a For Trade post real soon!

On to another subject! S'Mores are virtualy unknown here in Qu├ębec....Why? who knows! I knew of them from watching tv and reading magazines but never had them. Until last night that is!

 I made S'mores my way (I'm not writing S'mores with a twist because I CAN'T STAND THAT EXPRESSION! it seems every recipe is now with a twist!)

Do you see the Nutella? Yep it will take the place of the chocolate!

I melted the marshmallow on a stick over my stove's burner.
Spread some Nutella on a graham cracker, then add the melted marshmallow.

Then place another cracker on top and squeeze!

                                                        Enjoy! This is sinful and ooey gooey!

This morning I woke up at 7am and was really happy it wasn't raining, because maybe we could hit some yard sales....But at 8:00 just as we were leaving the house it started raining very,very hard !"/$%?&*( oh yeah I'm starting to get ticked off! But what can I do? I poured myself another cup of coffee and went to pet Boubou.....

See? A big (really BIG) and a regular one. What the?
He doesn't seem to limp but we're not taking any chances we are going to the vet later this morning.
If it stops raining Boubou might enjoy some yard sales too!

Be well and keep thrifting ! (because I can't for the moment :) )

Thursday, June 23, 2011

In a perfect world

In a perfect world I would be here

enjoying homemade fudge and various snack foods....

But instead I'm here

Yep that is my living room with Boubou and Yoda.

We had to cancel our vacation in New Hampshire....

Because we are responsible people.

Our delicious little (big) kitty cat Yoda is sick....

She has a urinary track infection and diarrahea and a skin infection as well.

We were all prepared to go to NH, we had booked a sitter and a hotel for Yoda (they were even going to give her her pills) but Monday morning she started to throw up and I did see the pills in the puke.

So after a very short early morning discussion....We decided that we wouldn't feel good to have our little one throwing up in a pet hotel and what if something was to go wrong? Well turns out taht the powers that be didn't want us to go! Our sitter had to go babysit her grandaughter and the weather is supposed to be crappy on the eastern we went shopping. We are still missing a ceiling lamp for the dining room and other stuff. We took a well deserved nap! That was so good!

Before working I was thinking of becoming a professionnal napper!
Tomorrow we want to get up early because if it doesn't rain we go garage sale hopping! We need a smaller curtain rod for the dining room and we never know what we might find!

Party! When life gives you lemons, you go garage saleing!

until next time fried clams, lobster roll,clam chowder and other delicious delicacies!   

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Farm Fresh part 2 and living room update

So yesterday afternoon I picked up my first veggie basket. It was great to meet  the farmer and chat with her, she was surprised I knew what kale was!

As expected it was a small basket because it was the first.

I got a bunch of radishes, a leaf lettuce, a bunch of young kale, a tomato, some lemon basil, an edible flower (the english name escapes me...) and 4 potatoes.

Those simple offerings filled me with JOY! 

I can't wait to eat some of those beautiful veggies!

Another thing I wanted to share was the new track lighting we got for the living room / dining room. When there are no walls you need to blend the ceiling lamps; well most of them.

I spent 2 hours installing them last Saturday.

I wasn't sure at first but they are FABULOUS!

 See? I wired them right so they work!

I'm so glad I have those skills and I'm not afraid to use them!

I still need to install 2 singles from the same line.

We still need to find the ceiling lamp that will hang over our dining room table...I've been looking in eBay and the prices are CRAZY! I'm not paying 500$ for a vintage lamp!

Well last but not least....

Look what we got today....

I still need to clean the inside. They are Canadian and they are GORGEOUS! And made of walnut too!
I can't wait to put some Pyrex in it!

That is a funny pic! the white bowl on the floor is water for the cats....And believe it or not we can't fit one component in it....rats!

I can't believe Jennifer Aniston came out so clear in this pic, I think she was on Oprah!
Too much!

Well it's late and I should go to bed....See you soon my bloggy friends! Stay well! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Farm Fresh

Through my employer and Equiterre this year I'm able to get farm fresh produce and help support a local farm.

I've been wanting to do this for a long time. I'm so glad we signed up for this! I'll be getting my first produce basket tomorrow. I can't wait to see what I get!

The farm is in Ormstown, Qc and is called Les Jardins Glenorra.

This is so exciting!

Must get ready to go to work :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do you remember these?

Do you remember these?

These beautiful mid-century lovelies? Last Saturday (after the church basement blowmold orgy) we headed west to Cornwall, Ontario.

After a quick and unfruitful visit to VV where I spotted these....

I got to admit I don’t really like English Pyrex. Most of their patterns are blah and remind me of old maids, what can I say to each is own!

I know plenty of people who think I’m certifiable for collecting oodles and oodles of Pyrex!

Back to the roadtrip....About 10 minutes west of Cornwall is Long Sault and what is there in Long Sault?

The Market Place flea market, it is a really small and sweet flea and that is where the lovelies reside.

We’ve been checking them out for quite a while now....

And this time they were nearly 50% off! But we didn’t get them, because we had just spend a chunk of change on the grill and the paint and the new floor.

Fast forward Sunday and Dan is running around with a tape measure and a pad of paper and next thing I know, I hear: We should get them they are not expensive, blahblahblah, they would look great, we can fit all the tv components in, blahblahblah, where is the phone book I need to call the flea!

We should get them next week! I,m really excited! I need to clear the sideboard and a bureau because it’s full of merchandise from my Etsy shop!

I'm sooo excited I can't wait to get them !

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's raining.....

It was raining Xmas blowmolds! In the first 10 minutes at the totally crazy church basement sale we found these!

The penguins are so cute! They remind me of Pinotte my tuxedo cat.


In the same batch I also got these

These citrusy mugs

This AMAZING cookie tin

I also got a batch of vintage wrapping paper (Xmas) from Regal- Does that ring a bell to my canadian readers? i loved Regal (Primes de Luxe) I was sooo sad when they closed!

I also got some appetizer forks, a milk glass tumbler and some Phentex slippers (new).
We saw some Pyrex, but nothing really interesting

We had a ton of fun even if we didn't buy as much as last year. That is really what I love from these sales, you never know what you'll find!

Have a cool evening! :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

It really was a.....

A big old squirrel dead in the pool and it was removed this morning while I was happily balancing spreadsheets. And the motor ran for a bout 3 hours, but it seems I need to do a backwash....Slowly but surely!

Now I won't be working on the pool or in the yard for that matter....Because we'll be getting up bright and early to go here....

Ok this is where I'm very disapointed because I was so sure I'd taken some pics while we dropped a car full of stuff earlier this week.... But alas.....I didn't

We will be heading west near Les Coteaux to a huge church basement sale then on to Ontario. We hope to push until Gananoque. We will be packing a lunch and refreshments... and we'll be sure to stop for plenty of coffee along the way (Thank God you're never too far away from a Tim Horton's here in Canada!)

We hope to find some of these...

and maybe one of these...

Wish us good luck!

Oh I'm wishing for some Pyrex too! Even a little something in Jadeite!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Reno Update and Pool 2, Miss V a big fat ZERO!

I just wanted to share a view of the new drapes...

New paint,new floor, new drapes= Totally fabulous!

Do you remember the curtain rods we picked up super cheap @ a garage sale a couuple of weeks ago?

here's the fleur-de-lys finial

Not bad , eh?

Now for the pool...The weather has been wet and terrible and we have a whole region that's been flooded for more than a month and they say the water should receed within 3 weeks. They won't get money from their insurance because it's an act of God. The goverment is supposed to help them, but I doubt that our prime minister will remove poop soaked gyprock anytime soon....

Now for my regular readers, you know what I do this time of year!
I battle with the pool! 

So summer is coming fast and I had to start the pool. First I'd forgotten that I'd broken a part last I had to buy another, then I 'lost' the blue backwash pipe and I had to buy another....Sunday I installed most of the pipes....Then the heatwave hit, it was so hot I was sweating bullets at 6:30 am. I felt dirty and sticky by the time I got to work!"/$%?&*(....

Last night we removed the pool cover and I screwed on the last pipe, I filled the pool ,added the chemicals and OMG the stench! Sweet Mary mother of Jesus! I thought I was gonna pass out in my own backyard!
It smelled of rotten eggs and judgement day, oh yes if judgement day had a smell it would be the one that emanated from my pool! SHEEESH!

It took forever to fill.....really. I had to get ready for today so I came inside to take a shower, then went back outside in my pj's and rubber boots (real sexy). Finally the moment I'd been waiting for! I turned one the motor's switch and heard the filter filling and the water circulating and then....What is that? I heard the distinct sound of dripping water and spurting water! None of my connections were water tight! OMG! With the flashlight I rummaged in the shed for a screwdriver and tightened all the connections...I flipped the switch again and water was still gushing, so I turned everything off and came back inside, sore and sick of the pool.

This evening I came in the house and went outside to check the pool. I removed and screwed back on the filter's plug and a miracle it didn't leak anymore! Since we had a lot of wind in the last few days....The pool was full of leaves that I decided to remove with the net, there was a lot of them....and also a dead something flotting in the pool! OMGOMGOMGOMG A DEAD ANIMAL IN THE POOL! I NEARLY PUCKED RIGHT THEN AND THERE! IT IS A RAT OR A SQUIRREL! I came in the house screaming EWEWEWEWEWEWEW! THERE'S A DEAD RAT IN THE POOL!
Dan promised to take care of it tomorrow. So as you can see the pool won and it's not running yet!

Pool 2, Miss V 0

Tracy, I miss posting often too! I just have so much stuff to do, it's like I have 2 jobs!  

Have a great night! I hope to post tomorrow as well :)