Monday, November 25, 2013

They're baaaaaacccckkkkk!

Yes they are and I took a picture of them at lunch.

                                             Do you see them? no? Let.s have a closer look

                                             Yes the $120 cookies are back. Same price as last year, still not
                                                going to buy them. E-V-E-R!!!

                                            $120 gets a ot of groceries or clothes....

                                             Today I also saw a $145 Pannetone, yes you read right
                                             I couldn't take a picture because the saes clerk was gawking.

                                             I'll get my chance I'm not worried.
                                              Sleep tight  :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Accidental Thrifting

Once a year I have a lung doctor appointment in the east of Montreal. I'm not saying the East End because it is an entirely different neighbourhood.

So I leave work early and decide to get off at the Beaudry Metro station (one stop earlier) and walk.

I was in for qute a shock! I found the area so dingy, sad, poor,desperate....I used to work in the vicinity in the late 80's.

It is known as the Gay Village and was, when I worked there. Now I understand the need to gather with same interest people but I can't understand the need to live in such depressing streets and why the area is so rundown!

It is as if nobody cares! 1 in 3 stores or restaurant are for rent or for sale and the residential building are oh so sad....

Well in all my walking and interior rambling I got lost....and making my way back to the hospital....

I saw a thrift shop, a st vinny ; which we don't really have a lot of in Montreal.

So I went in and conquered!

                               Will you take me home with you? For supper? Of course!
                                             Now Santa is a bit tired of riding in the bus...
                                             Santa is not so sure he likes public transit!

I also found a 1970's plastic Xmas village. It is now in my office and I will post pictures when it is all set up.

So dream peaceful, dream big my faithful friends and readers! Remember I am making lists and I am checking them twice! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


There are a lot of rummage/church basement/craft sales at this time of year.

The Montreal Gazette publishes a list every October so fans can plan their thrifting outtings.

So I had a couple of sales planned for last friday. The wind was really bad in the Montreal region and flashing was flying, signs were rattling and walking was precarious!

The first church sale had mostly crafts and baked goods, I bought lemon cake , pepper jelly and a crocheted mouse for the kitties.

Second church had been a personnal holy grail for me as I bought my first piece of Delphite there; a 502 fridgie for $2;  about 23 years ago.....

So I was ready for more! After being rattled and shaken by the crazy wind... I made my way to the basement and I could've sworn I hear the Pyrex angels playing harp and singing!

                                 A nearly new Tree of Life Pyrex Promo Casserole!
                                    It seems that the real name is really Saxony
                                     which in my opinion is not as nice....
                                      The condition is great and it $6.00 !!!

                                 It is so nice to find a piece I don't have :)

                                      Time for me to go beddy bye

                                      Sleep tight!