Sunday, May 31, 2009


Saturday we went to Cornwall, Ont (again). We really like the vintage vibes of this place.

All the old buildings, the thrift shops, flea market, different food. Even the liquor store (LCBO) is cool!

Here in Quebec the liquor store (goverment run) seems to have problems to sell local products, but in Ontario it's a plethora of local stuff!!!

I had found a new thrift store while surfing the web, the Agape centre thrift store. It was one of our first stop. Very clean, lotsa stuff, and will be on our regular list of Cornwall must see. We also tried a new restaurant: The Gemini Cafe. We had a crab bisque (delicious) and a greek chicken sandwich (marinated chicken breast,tzatziki sauce with dill, ripe tomatoes, onions on a grilled pita) Super fresh and amazing! No room for dessert! :(

I found some intersting stuff at a thrift store: A Mirro dial a cookie cookie press, Spice of life S&P, vintage napkings and a cute cinderella butterfly gold bowl at Value Village. All will make an appearance in the Etsy shop as soon as I can post pictures again (translation: as soon as I get a new computer.....)

Speaking of Value Village the Big Brothers and Big Sisters were having a celebration to thank the community for their support and we got free cake (SCORE).

This was one of the best days EVER, we were in a cocoon of fun and synchronicity, nothing could pee on our parade!

On the way back we found a really quirky "garage/conveniance store/auto parts place/flea market" in the middle of nowhere. The owner was real nice, the stuff interesting (where else can you buy a pound of nails, 4 tires, a summer dress, a coffee make,a helmet and a teddy bear??? tell me!)

If we can find the place again we will go for sure! I think it's west of St-Zotique!

All in all a fabulous day!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Pool news

No picture again!

We have noticed at the end of winter that the pool was kind crooked. So at the end of March I called to take an appointment to have a tech come over and check out the pool.

3 weeks ago a tech supervisor called to say they would be there later that week. Time passed, days went like a blur...

No tech!!!

I didn't really follow through because I was freaking out on the garage sale....Ok so it's over.
Monday I called the pool place to ask where is my tech, 'coz the pool is not started yet and I keep having this weird nightmare from America's Funniest Videos...I'm swimming and there goes the side of the pool, water everywhere and me in all my luscious splendor....
They told me a tech would call me back Tuesday (needless to say he didn't) and I called back Wednesday and got a callback the very same afternoon...I was in shock! he told me that if my pool was crooked, I would have to empty it, and he would have to level it and change the lining and another thing (I couldn't hear over the cash register noise in my head! catching!)

So Thursday around 4:30 he came and actually the pool is not that crooked! Yay! It could last like that 6-7 years until I change the lining! That is GOOD news!

I will sleep easier and I can't wait to start that pool! LOL

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sheets! Glorious bed sheets!

I love bed sheets, I love to look at them and to touch them. I love to buy some and to have a lot!

I have different sheets for different seasons. I was trying to remember when I first fell in love with sheets. What go me started???

I have a feeling it's genetic! LOL! As I was saying in an earlier post as I grow older I'm developping this mania of vintage fabrics...It's probably a mutation of my sheet mania!

I remember 20 years ago my Dad giving me Ralph Lauren 100% cotton sheets (white and blue stripped), he had gotten them at a factory outlet in Mass. They were the most beautiful thing I ever saw. All cool and crisp! Over the years I got quite a few of those sets, and some are still in use. Simultanously with Ralph I discovered the Martha Stewart sheets. Okay they were not in cotton but in a poly/cotton blend and so cheerful. I would go into a Kmart (in Lebanon NH) like into a holy shrine, a poly/cotton shrine and would smile alone in an aisle looking at all those sheets.....SIGH!!!

At one point my better half (always the helpful Dan!) informed me that we had enough sheets....really???

I honestly don't know how many sets I have...I have 4 sets for winter....Flannel, soft flannel-like going to sleep in a warm hug! My best ones come from LL Bean and are extra soft, white background with big sunflowers. I have a sage green set (also LL Bean) plain fitted sheet and pillow cases but a striped flat sheet (you can customize), a Target set, pale blue with white and dark blue 60's flowers, and the newest addition....a xmas gift actually! A LL Bean flannel set, white background with evergreen trees in all the colors of their flannel collection (That was a stroke of genius, if you ask me! lol, you can still match your existing bedding).

I have 4 comforters....2 for each case the cats puke on one in the middle of the night (Been there done that...) You just need to pull out a new one, throw the puked on one to the side and go back to bed.

And I keep fantasizing about buying new sheets....I'm looking forward to my OOB (Old Orchard Beach) vacation and thinking of going to Target to look at bedding. In the meantine whenever I see cool pillowcases at the church basement, I grab them! My latest one (pink,white and purple stripes) ended up in my bed this afternoon. Sometimes I used them as background for pictures, or they could end up in my eternal quilt...which i will finish one day..I swear!

I have to go...I think one of the cats just puked on the bedspread! LOL

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Overcast Wednesday

I got good news from the church basement this morning; it will be opened all summer long! That is such good news!
I was worried I would suffer church basement withdrawal.....I suffer from garage sale withdrawal right now....With my town's stupid law!
In the same train of thought there's a rumor that they will install cameras on the garbage trucks to monitor what we throw out....Yessiree Bob!
Since the dead leaves law (you have to put them in paper bags, close them up and keep them from the rain and they will only pick them up 3 times each fall) people have been hiding their leaves and some garden waste with the regular garbage.....Hence the cameras! This so feels like George Orwell's 1984! What happen to freedom? I'm really pro-environment and I love recycling but I have to draw the line somewhere....The hardware store won't even sell us plastic garbage bags anymore!
Ok a happier note....because this post wasn't supposed to be about freedom and garbage but about the church basement finds!
I spent 50 cents and got: A really fun pink,purple and white pillow case ( I use those as backgrounds for etsy pictures and as pillowcases also-I like variety), A San Francisco pot holder (new), a Xmas terry dish towel (barely used- I remember seeing those in the stores a year ago), some Barbie dresses (which might end up on ebay), 6 french mystery paperbacks from the 50's (the covers are amazing- I will post a picture one day!!! I promise!) and a vegeterian cookbook ( Dan is always asking for more vegeterian food...).
So as you can see it was a pretty good haul! On my way back, I was intrigued to see a lot of garbage by the side of the road (you can't throw anything out on the side of the street if it's not garbage day and G-day is Monday). I found a garden hose!!! I don't know if it is ok, I don't test in the rain...But I will test it 2morrow for sure!
About the picture: It's called the 401's party (they all came out to play!)
On tonight menu: Italian brown rice croquettes with green salad (I hope this is good 'coz it makes a ton....and I don't like to throw food away)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yesterday around 2 p.m, I fried my computer...everything stopped (My heart included!)

I found a guy in the local phone book would could pickup my laptop and fix it and bring it back....

He came to pick it up just as promised left me a receipt. I got a partial diagnosis later last night....My C drive was full (surprise!)....he would clean it up and bring it back.

Today I got my laptop back....I have tons of room now. But when I fried it, i fried it good!!! Real good!
I lost sound, the external mouse, and both my USB ports are gone too! Bouhoubouhou!!! Which means (I don't really care about the sound) that I can't print, can't use my external drive, can't download pictures....I probably missed something too! In the process I lost my recipe book. It's on my external drive...but since I can't use it....

My techie also told me that my laptop was living on borrowed time (lol), but I knew that. I bought it second hand and was really surprised that it lasted soooo long!

Well at least I got most of my Pyrex pictures and am already working on a way to get a new laptop.

So that's why I'm posting nice cheerful Pyrex pictures. I find them relaxing and happy. Tech gadgets will break eventually it's a fact!

Being 24 hrs without the internet was quite a change. I didn't even open the TV! I just worked on classifying all the garage sale stuff, making boxes for the salvation army and baking brownies to thank my neighbor Claire to take me to the shopping center. I also invented a nice chinese supper...BBQ chicken breasts in spare ribs sauce (chinese garlic sparerib sauce) and rice noodles,green beans and carrots in black bean sauce....Lip smakcing!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Amazon and a visitor

Friday around 6:20 pm I had a visitor on my deck!

Boy did I freak out! Not because I'm scared of raccoons, but I had heard they could harm cats real bad and Peanut (pinotte) was outside and under the deck. Yikkes!

I saw the raccoon go under the deck! OMG! I ran outside, just as heard nasty noises. I called my cat, over and over, but she wouldn't come out.

I went to the cubbard and got some Luv treats and started shaking the bag and calling her. I lifted my head and saw the cat running in the opposite direction, I scooped her up ,brought her inside and gave her a treat and started breathing again!

Look at that face! That beautiful kitty face!
Ok now for the Amazon part of the post! You know all those beautiful hardcover books nobody wanted at the garage sale? Well at 7:00 am yesterday I became an Amazon marketplace seller. So I listed all the books I could, the ones I couldn't will go in the next garage sale....
The 2 drape sets will go to the church basement on wednesday morning and maybe they will make somebody happy.
As for the Pyrex....I listed some on Etsy, will probably list some more today.
The program is to work outside and when my back needs a break then I come inside and list something

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What a day!

Oh my! I'm still tired from all the exictement...From the garage/driveway sale! At 4:00 in the A.M. I woke up a little voice screaming in my head "I didn't prepare my change purse!!!"

It was really cold and overcast in the morning. We finished placing our stuff at 7:00 just as a jogger stopped by asking about the bench. He would talk to his wife about it (they came back and bought the bench). We had a lot of fun. I find that I'm more social since I don't work (but really...). We met tons of nice folks, we laughed ,shared stupid stories, garage sale tales...

One of the best things from this day is that Jenn from Matersum stopped by with her hubby and adorable little girl . It was really nice to meet a fellow Etsy seller from my neighborhood!

What people bought was a real surprise. The clock in this picture was touched a gazillion times and it's still in my house ( I so don't like the clock!). The tools all found a new house. A lot of the perrenials also (Thanks Jenn!). A butt ugly old stained kitchen chair was also adopted...But no one...I mean NO ONE looked at the Pyrex!

How come? I think it's a cultural thing. Most of my french speaking friends don't know what Pyrex is, they don't know that it's a collectible (ok they think I;m CRAZY for collecting it...LOL) and my gay friends know what Pyrex is....But I don't really know why! I identify more with the American culture and sometimes the European one, but never the French Canadian one and I usually stick out like a sore thumb (What can you do?)

Anyways the Pyrex didn't sell AT ALL so that table was the first to be packed.

Another surprise is that I only sold 4 books. I had amazing books (really). Cool retro cookbooks and hardcovers, mystery paperbacks all near mint. A quarter each paperback and a buck for a hardcover. You can't get a better deal than that!!!

We didn't get as much traffic because we're near the water and secluded...and because a town nearby had a town wide garage sale (You can't compete with that...)

We had so much fun that we will be having another one and sooner than you think!

Did I mention we had a warning from the police (?). We were not allowed to host a garage sale this weekend...Only on certain dates...That sucked BIG time! And to think that I checked the town's website to make sure everything was kosher!

At 9:00 P.M last night I was out like a log and woke up at 6:59 A.M, quite refreshed but with a really red nose just like Rudolf!

I already started to prepare for the next garage sale by making lists and re-packing everything. Some stuff will go to the church basement....and some to the Salvation Army.

The big STAR of the garale sale? That brown wood table that I put the Pyrex on. 10 people wanted to buy it, but it was not for is my kitchen table!

oh,oh,oh! I forgot to mention that 2 men tried to buy some garden soil I had nearby!

Needless to say that today was spent putting away boxes and re-organizing...I had the energy to work a bit in the veggie garden...I'm keeping the rest for 2morrow!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Inexpensive spruce up!

When I was a wee girl I loved clogs like you wouldn't believe!
I had some navy,orange,white, brown,turquoise....I was at my local Zellers (I cannot compare it with a U.S. store because I only know Walmart-which we have and Target, which is a gazillion times better than Zellers!),anywho, I was strolling along taking my time absorbing all the shapes and color that differ so much from my usual world...
And I saw these! The mostest,adorablest,cutest, pinkest little clogs! With embroided flowers...sigh! Suddenly I was 9 again holding my father's hand strolling on the cobbled streets of Rome! I felt soooo,so safe like nothing could ever go wrong- Things didn't really go wrong but I very rarely feel this safe.

Actually I was at the shopping center for a new bra (always a fun task!) and I looked at the slipcovers (129$) for a sofa,yikes! I didn't think it was that expensive (not really expensive but,you know) so I saw this display for single sheets on sale...SCORE!!! 2 ivory flat sheet at 7.97 each sewn togheter plus 2 pillowcases at .50 a pair (church basement) and I have a clean and cute (in my opinion) summer sofa!
Even nicer with that adorable cat: The Boubou! The perfect sofa
Okay now the garage sale is tomorrow (I'm soooo excited and I cannot hide it)...i have to get the remaining boxes from the basement, a couple of baskets, I already emptied a pine chest that (hopefully) will find a new house, I have to make a geological dig for a foot bath in the under the stairs
The weather channel is forecasting sunny with a couple of clouds....This should be fun!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Ok,ok,ok don't get me started about American Idol and Kris Allen!

Actually I was sooooo sure about the outcome that I didn't watch it. I tuned in just when Ryan was announcing the winner. Apparently I missed a really crappy coronation song co-written by Kara DioGuardi. The only thing I can say is: You voted for him, you have to buy his record, he is YOUR idol now!

On a more pleasant front...2 weeks ago I scored some really cute aprons at a church thrift shop. In between running the house,preparing the garden and the garage sale I just had time last night to iron them, so here they are!
First pic a pink and white cutie, so fresh and springlike! Super nice condition!
Second pic: this one doesn't have pockets but is really 'crisp' with 3 beautiful red apples and a green and white checkered background.

3rd pic: I love this one! it is NEW, vintage but new! Still in the wrapper! Unbelivable! Some used the mitts and they are long gone, but the apron is pristine (see 4th pic).
Last but not least: A 70's apron, no pocket but a black button to hold a dishcloth or a mitt. I love those flowers!
As time goes by I find myself more and more attracted to vintage fabric...A genetic trait I've heard, from my father's! LOL
Tomorrow I'll try to write a post about church basement wednesday ('coz I found cool stuff!)

OMG the garage sale is saturday! I'm so excited, I hope a lot of people will come (and find our stuff cool! Not greasy tupperware crappy! LOL) I also hope to get rid of a lot of stuff,so we don't have to haul everything to Salvation!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here it is!

At last! the pictures from the ashtray!

First pic, is the ashtray with the maple syrup....Amber syrup (I don't buy the clear-too wimpy for me...)

Second a close-up of the delightfully kitsch ashtray!

I tell you this one is staying right here in the living so I can look at it ad nauseam!

last pic: The stamp underneath. Now I haven't done any web search on it yet, so I don't know this company. But thank you for making that beautiful ashtray! And for 2 dollars! WOW!!!

Last night was movie night and in my pursuit of blockbusters we saw Star Trek! Now that was a fun ride!!!

I was a big fan of the original TV series and the movie brought all kinds of memories. The casting is spot on! Of course Chris Pine is a great Kirk and Zachary Quinto a super Spock but Carl Urban as Bones...WOW I thought it was Bones but younger!
Good times!
Upset for the night: Gilles didn't win DWTS! Ok I'm booing now! BIG TIME! Ok course I am not objective lol! I feel he should've won, but the American public decided diffently! Keep on dancing Gilles, you dance beautifully! And I didn't watch the first part of the AI finale!
I'll hunt for some clips in the net....I gotta prepare for my Wednesday hunt at the church basement. Later!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lilly of the valley

It's that time of year again. The time the air is filled with that wonderful scent.
Aaaahhhh! Lilly of the Valley. Such a nice little flower! Those small happy bells.
We had some in my childhood house and Mom would pick huge bouquets and give them to the neighbors and bring some inside to perfume the house.
When I moved into my house I was thrilled to discover that I had some Lilly of the valley plants on the side of the house. Well after 14 years, they're everywhere! LOL
I enjoy bringing bouquets inside (my neighbors don't really dig Lilly of the Valley!) So more for me! The bouquet in this picture is made up from 100 stems. That is just the tip of the iceberg...I will be making many more bouquets this week (when I'm taking a break from arranging the garage sale...). By the way the garage sale is nearly upon us, it's very exciting and very stressfull at the same time, and fun too. I can't wait to get rid of all these boxes....I haven't taken the picture of the ashtray for sure!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finnegan's Flea Market

Haaaaaaa! Saturday morning, not too hot,kinda overcast....Spur of the moment ROADTRIP!
Off to Hudson Quebec, about 30 min west of Montreal. Hudson is a sweet village on the shore of the Two Mountains lake with gorgeous houses and quaint little shops and saturdays Finnegan's flea market.
Situated in a field, it has a real old fashion feel. There you can find collectibles,furniture, crafts,antiques,plants,organic veggies and honey and homebaked goods.

In the second picture my friend Therese (chance meeting) just put a deposit on the gorgeous english hoosier in front of her. She just happened to stop by on her way to Ottawa.
I always feel like I'm on vacation when in Hudson. Time seems to stand still...
Of course I was on the hunt for some missing Pyrex pieces and maple syrup. My supply was long gone....Thank god my regular supplier was there! 4 cans should last me a year(I hope). I also found some sweet pea seedlings at Ferme le Tournevant (a small organic farm) run by young people.

I saw some Pyrex,but nothing I was looking for. A small turquoise 401 was marked 20$ (that is a lot of clams!!!)
We did find a true treasure...Unfortunatly I have yet to take a pic...A heavenly ashtray for 2$.
I'll try to take a picture for next time!
One thing is for sure: You can always have a real good time there!

This seller had nice stuff,but a real bad attitude! LOL (I won't be buy his stuff anytime soon!)

My fave pic of the day! I just love those birdhouses and old chaird togheter.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who will win???

Unrelated pic as well! To tell you the truth this is one of my all time fave pics. The title is Blue,Orange and Boubou. Boubou being the delightful creature on the right!

That takes care of the pic. Now I just found out that I have been awarded a Lovely blog award from Sonya at Dime Store Thrift. That is very nice, thank you! Now just as soon as I figure out how to post it on my blog, I will and will be awarding some of my own....
Now for the REALLY important stuff!!! Who will win American Idol? Who will get the vote from the American public? The guy with no voice or the gay guy? We must remember that this is a singing my taste (I may be totally tone deaf...)Adam Lambert should win with eyeliner and all...but I can't vote!!!
I'm sure a lot of people are going to vote for Kris because he is SO safe (married and everything) but he's as exciting as a wet sweater (sorry for the ruffled feathers). I don't give a rat's ass that Adam is gay, but being a very private person I was stunned (let's say it) by the pictures in the internet. I have to give him a thumbs up for cleaning up his act for Idol. I'm sure if he wins there won't be anymore guy on guy action pictures! Or there will be and we will have other stuff to gossip about than Angelina/Brad and who dumped Jennifer Aniston! LOL
Anyways both their lives are already totally changed, and both will make making records!
I wish you both good luck! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I didn't have a related pic, so why not post one of my extensive (lol) Pyrex collection?

I feel very,very proud of myself! Not only did I remove ALL the leaves in the pool, but also the pool's winter cover. It is very heavy and ususally requires 2 pairs of hands. And it is soooo messy! I ended up wet and smelly.What exactly breeds in the pool in the spring? EEEWWW!

I was so much in the zone that I put the cover on the clothesline and rinsed it. While it was drying, I turned the earth in the bean patch and planted some perrenials! Ouf! Where did all that energy come from???

I didn't watch Tv at all! In the late afternoon I folded the cover and put it away in the shed (this is quite an achievement, 'coz ususally I let it hang out outside forever!!!).

I really enjoyed Wolverine a lot and the sandwich too! I really like Hugh Jackman, he looks like such a good person (and being a nice piece of eye candy isn't bad either!)! I love action sci-fi movies and I have a lot of movies to see in May! Next week it will be Star Trek...

I need to prepare for the church basement!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I decided to start my post with something beautiful. The biggest delphite bowl with square bottom made by Pyrex Canada. No it's not a Bluebell. It's delphite...Aaaah delphite! Music to my ears and my eyes. I like that blue so much.
I took a great picture (If I can't toot my own horn in my blog...). Look at the way the sun is shining and the way you can see through the bowl..Sigh! lol
So now that i'm really relaxed and peaceful, I can write about the leaves in the pool! I am very,very stiff this morning...Ouch! Not in pain, which is excellent. Where did all these leaves come from???
It seems there are triple the quantity from last year...Maybe it's because, I'm doing it solo this year. Usually I do it on a weekend and Dan & I take turns...But last weekend it was raining and the pool company called to say they would be by this week to check if the pool is straight. When you look at it from a certain angle it seems askew...So that is why I placed a service call.
After the leaves I have to remove the cover, which should be done wednesday night. Today I weed and work the bean patch so I can sow beans and edamame. Tonight we will be eating sandwiches in the parking lot of the movie theater 'coz we're going to see Wolverine! I can't miss Hugh Jackman...LOL
By the way: We feel eating sandwhiches in the parking is better than having the crap at the theater (Burger king and New York fries). Other than that there's a Subway nearby, but I feel that all the subs taste the same thing...And their italian bread (with herbs and cheese on it) makes me wheeze (true, I have an allergy when I smell it! Strange, no?)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Grey weekend


A peanut shaped planter I always wanted one! Ok I'm being sarcastic...This picture was taken at Montreal's Salvation Army. I kid you not there was at least 200 of these planters!

1) Who donates 200 new peanut shaped planters?

2) Who buys peanut shaped planters?

Isn't that a good discussion topic? LOL!

The weather has been crazy here. Cold and rainy and damp. I know it's early in the season, but it feels more like October than May. So far I have visited 2 nurseries and I keep seeing crazed people buying annuals. Ok TOO early for planting annuals people! You'll just be wasting your monies...I guess it's live and learn right? One year I planted my tomatoes way early and they all died and I had to spend money (hard earned) to buy new ones (not a happy camper!!!). I don't usually buy tomato plants, I start them from seed (way cheaper). I have a dozen waiting for the great outdoors! So yesterday was real cold and wet ( a fleece and popcorn and movies kinda of day). I was supposed to go to the flea market but didn't really feel like it. So another Sunday...We watched The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke, it was really a good (sad) movie.

Today it's cold but the sun is shining (at least for the time being) and I have to finish removing the dead leaves from the pool (always fun!). I don't know if I'll be doing a lot of things after,'coz that just drains my energy, but at least it will be done!!!

I also have to figure out what to have for supper. I must send a search party to explore the freezer in the basement! Have a good one!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Super Day!

This is a water bottle I found at the Undercover Flea market in Oxford ,Me last October. I had wanted one for quite a while but the ones I found were just too expensive! This one is MINT! It's getting a lot of use right now...I put filtered water in it in the fridge!
So yesterday I was visiting a new church thrift store for the first time, it was a place full of character with a lot of clothes and not much else...But I did score some lovely vintage aprons and one tablecloth mid-century no less. I have no pictures to show you because they are drying as we speak. They only time I don't wash the linens is when they are new (but vintage) I just iron them. I believe it's a good selling point! Vintage but never been used! Bless all those people who didn't use their things and gave them to the church! I found one apron still in its original wrapping...Nice! I'll be sure to take a picture to show you.
After we drove around the island to look at the water and the beautiful houses. We, is my step daughter and I and I live on an island.Then a quick stop at one of my favorite nursery....Ok I got all crazy and wanting to run around all over the place!!! LOL Crazy plant lady, scratch that. Crazy pyrex/cat/plant lady!
I lost a lot of my favorite plants lately and it is probably because we didn't get a lot of water this spring. I lost 2 lavender, 3 white phloxes , a burgundy echinacea, one lemon and oranges gaillardia and maybe more....sigh. I was able to replace the gaillardia, one phlox and the 2 lavenders at a very good price and the plants are quite big.
They're sitting in the borders waiting for some planting action (which should happen today).
The rain has stopped, the garden is beckoning but I definitely have a date with the vacuum....LOL
Oh by the way! let me tell you about a fun blog i found (for all you thrifting maniacs!) it's very fun!
Have a nice one! :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a MESS!!!

So it seemed like a good idea at the freshen up the outside cushions before the big start of the season!

As you can see the !@#$$%^ thing exploded in my washing machine!! I was not laughing at the time, more like cussing!
I left everything there, and went on one of my weekly excursions at the church basement. Where I found this darling cream and sugar set, it is very cute! I jumped on it like there was no tomorrow! It will make a great addition to my Etsy boutique!

When I came back, I emptied the washing machine (30 min). Stuffed the foam back in (60m), and started sewing it back up, but I was outside to minimize the mess and starting to get bored! So I took everything inside and put in a DVD (The new world with Collin Farrell) and continued my very dull but necessary work....It took most of the movie to finish it because I would get hypnotized by the beautiful landscapes of this movie. Definitely not for everyone, but a beautiful piece of art. Props to the location scouts! props to the makeup artists, those indians were so exotic and beautiful. And props to the first colonists who really had it tough. Ok it was a bad idea to steal the land and kill tons of indians, but those first winters were really awful! I don't think I would've survived the crossing- Anyways let's face it with my asthma I probably would've died real young! ok enough of the depressing stuff!

I have to skedaddle! Have a nice day! :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Homemade deliciousness....

Yesterday I woke with the NEED to bake, to make something delicious....

I had been toying with the idea of sorbet lately, partly because of the upcoming garage sale there was talk of selling the ice cream machine...
Dan gave it to me like 10 years ago and I only used it 2 or 3 times. I wasn't too crazy about their recipes (They had raw eggs....eurk!). I don't dig eating a bowl of salmonella!
So I was watching Chef at Home last week and Chef Michael Smith was strawberry sorbet and it looked delicious....And I happened to have in my freezer an unopened bag of 4 field berry mix! And a bag of aging granny smith apples....So I made apple sauce, cooled it. Defrosted the berry mix, zapped it with my immersion blender with 1/2 teaspoon salt, the juice of one lemon and 1 1/2 cups od sugar and the cooled apple sauce. I then proceeded to dump the whole kit'n'kaboodle in the ice cream machine for 45 min.....after I stored the sorbet in a barely used Tupperware ice cream container. 2 things people! Use the things you have and no way the ice cream maker in going to the garage sale! LOL
I also made a simple Quatre-Quarts (french version of pound cake) and added 1/2 cup buttermilk in the batter (another thing I have in my fridge that I have to use....)

So a slice of cake, a scoop of sorbet,a dollop of whipped topping and I am in heaven! Especially served in Pyrex!Lol!
That was a delicious dessert and thrifty too 'coz I had all the ingredients on hand(and some I had to use ASAP)
I read in a Flickr group post (A slow year) that some people are going refrigerator LESS. Yes that's right, getting rid of the fridge and using only a freezer and a cooler. I am SO not there!
I don't know if I'll ever be!
On another topic...Today is church basement day! I'm looking forward to see what treasures I can find!
And I found a new church basement which I will be visiting tomorrow! Goodtimes!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Latest finds....

I found this in the church basement. I can't believe I bought it....I brought it home! Still in shock....That is soooooommmmmeeee piece of art!

This is the total opposite of what I grew up with. That may be why I love tacky/kitshy things so much!

I didn't even have time to list it, that I sold it! My step daughter bought it for a friend. A friend who has a special room in her house, a shrine to the 70's...

On the cuter side of things...I found these delicious vintage placemats and napkins set at the Salvation Army. I discovered a rack with only linens. Great! This scrumptious set was never used, never washed! Can you believe that???
Well time flies my friends, I gotta run, the garden beckons.....

Monday, May 4, 2009

Who knew?

Who knew these bowls were part of the same set? Well, certainly not me!!!
I know my Pyrex well, but I had never seen this variation in cinderella bowls. Usually you have either alternately printed and plain bowls or the smallest one is white with the colored patterned, then the size up is the opposite colored background with white pattern and so on.
When I picked up this box full of bowls at my Dad's place I was sure it was all missmatched. I already had the bigger one and I was looking for something to do with the rest....
But the orange one kept bugging me, even during the night (Yes I dream of Pyrex....)

So I looked in the reference books and nothing (the books are great but totally incomplete). Thank god for the Pyrex Love web site! I found a picture of the same set. I was so glad I had that mystery solved!
This is the Town and Country pattern issued in 1963.
Lovely isn't? I certainly think so!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday fill-ins (my first one) we go! 1. The first rule of working in an office and getting along is tele-working.2. I love clams.3. When I think of carnivals I think of escaped convicts.4. Crocus is my favorite spring flower.5. Things on my desk include (I don't have one!).6. Spring makes me wanna sing.7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Diners,Drive-ins and Dives, tomorrow my plans include A supper with friends and Sunday, I want to garden!

To tell you the truth it was harder than I thought! LOL

Have a nice one...