Monday, May 25, 2009

Amazon and a visitor

Friday around 6:20 pm I had a visitor on my deck!

Boy did I freak out! Not because I'm scared of raccoons, but I had heard they could harm cats real bad and Peanut (pinotte) was outside and under the deck. Yikkes!

I saw the raccoon go under the deck! OMG! I ran outside, just as heard nasty noises. I called my cat, over and over, but she wouldn't come out.

I went to the cubbard and got some Luv treats and started shaking the bag and calling her. I lifted my head and saw the cat running in the opposite direction, I scooped her up ,brought her inside and gave her a treat and started breathing again!

Look at that face! That beautiful kitty face!
Ok now for the Amazon part of the post! You know all those beautiful hardcover books nobody wanted at the garage sale? Well at 7:00 am yesterday I became an Amazon marketplace seller. So I listed all the books I could, the ones I couldn't will go in the next garage sale....
The 2 drape sets will go to the church basement on wednesday morning and maybe they will make somebody happy.
As for the Pyrex....I listed some on Etsy, will probably list some more today.
The program is to work outside and when my back needs a break then I come inside and list something

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Mom Walds Place said...

OMGoodness, poor kitty! That's why our kitties stay inside. We live on the edge of our village and even have coyotes.

Sounds like a good plan to accomplish things inside and out, and still be able to walk in the morning.

Can't wait to see that Pyrex!