Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here it is!

At last! the pictures from the ashtray!

First pic, is the ashtray with the maple syrup....Amber syrup (I don't buy the clear-too wimpy for me...)

Second a close-up of the delightfully kitsch ashtray!

I tell you this one is staying right here in the living so I can look at it ad nauseam!

last pic: The stamp underneath. Now I haven't done any web search on it yet, so I don't know this company. But thank you for making that beautiful ashtray! And for 2 dollars! WOW!!!

Last night was movie night and in my pursuit of blockbusters we saw Star Trek! Now that was a fun ride!!!

I was a big fan of the original TV series and the movie brought all kinds of memories. The casting is spot on! Of course Chris Pine is a great Kirk and Zachary Quinto a super Spock but Carl Urban as Bones...WOW I thought it was Bones but younger!
Good times!
Upset for the night: Gilles didn't win DWTS! Ok I'm booing now! BIG TIME! Ok course I am not objective lol! I feel he should've won, but the American public decided diffently! Keep on dancing Gilles, you dance beautifully! And I didn't watch the first part of the AI finale!
I'll hunt for some clips in the net....I gotta prepare for my Wednesday hunt at the church basement. Later!

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