Friday, May 8, 2009

Super Day!

This is a water bottle I found at the Undercover Flea market in Oxford ,Me last October. I had wanted one for quite a while but the ones I found were just too expensive! This one is MINT! It's getting a lot of use right now...I put filtered water in it in the fridge!
So yesterday I was visiting a new church thrift store for the first time, it was a place full of character with a lot of clothes and not much else...But I did score some lovely vintage aprons and one tablecloth mid-century no less. I have no pictures to show you because they are drying as we speak. They only time I don't wash the linens is when they are new (but vintage) I just iron them. I believe it's a good selling point! Vintage but never been used! Bless all those people who didn't use their things and gave them to the church! I found one apron still in its original wrapping...Nice! I'll be sure to take a picture to show you.
After we drove around the island to look at the water and the beautiful houses. We, is my step daughter and I and I live on an island.Then a quick stop at one of my favorite nursery....Ok I got all crazy and wanting to run around all over the place!!! LOL Crazy plant lady, scratch that. Crazy pyrex/cat/plant lady!
I lost a lot of my favorite plants lately and it is probably because we didn't get a lot of water this spring. I lost 2 lavender, 3 white phloxes , a burgundy echinacea, one lemon and oranges gaillardia and maybe more....sigh. I was able to replace the gaillardia, one phlox and the 2 lavenders at a very good price and the plants are quite big.
They're sitting in the borders waiting for some planting action (which should happen today).
The rain has stopped, the garden is beckoning but I definitely have a date with the vacuum....LOL
Oh by the way! let me tell you about a fun blog i found (for all you thrifting maniacs!) it's very fun!
Have a nice one! :)


Mom Walds Place said...

I'm so glad that you stopped by, because then I had to come here! It's wonderful to meet my kind of people, meaning "Crazy pyrex/cat/plant lady!"

Vonlipi said...

LOL! Yes that's me! I feel so much better admitting my many,many addictions!

I have a bedsheet addiction too, but that is for another post!

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift said...

You know what...water truly tastes better in glass bottles...especially beautiful ones. Great find!