Friday, May 22, 2009

Inexpensive spruce up!

When I was a wee girl I loved clogs like you wouldn't believe!
I had some navy,orange,white, brown,turquoise....I was at my local Zellers (I cannot compare it with a U.S. store because I only know Walmart-which we have and Target, which is a gazillion times better than Zellers!),anywho, I was strolling along taking my time absorbing all the shapes and color that differ so much from my usual world...
And I saw these! The mostest,adorablest,cutest, pinkest little clogs! With embroided flowers...sigh! Suddenly I was 9 again holding my father's hand strolling on the cobbled streets of Rome! I felt soooo,so safe like nothing could ever go wrong- Things didn't really go wrong but I very rarely feel this safe.

Actually I was at the shopping center for a new bra (always a fun task!) and I looked at the slipcovers (129$) for a sofa,yikes! I didn't think it was that expensive (not really expensive but,you know) so I saw this display for single sheets on sale...SCORE!!! 2 ivory flat sheet at 7.97 each sewn togheter plus 2 pillowcases at .50 a pair (church basement) and I have a clean and cute (in my opinion) summer sofa!
Even nicer with that adorable cat: The Boubou! The perfect sofa
Okay now the garage sale is tomorrow (I'm soooo excited and I cannot hide it)...i have to get the remaining boxes from the basement, a couple of baskets, I already emptied a pine chest that (hopefully) will find a new house, I have to make a geological dig for a foot bath in the under the stairs
The weather channel is forecasting sunny with a couple of clouds....This should be fun!


tracy said...

Adorable clogs! I would totally wear them... um. Now...


Vonlipi said...

They only came in little girl sizes :(