Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who will win???

Unrelated pic as well! To tell you the truth this is one of my all time fave pics. The title is Blue,Orange and Boubou. Boubou being the delightful creature on the right!

That takes care of the pic. Now I just found out that I have been awarded a Lovely blog award from Sonya at Dime Store Thrift. That is very nice, thank you! Now just as soon as I figure out how to post it on my blog, I will and will be awarding some of my own....
Now for the REALLY important stuff!!! Who will win American Idol? Who will get the vote from the American public? The guy with no voice or the gay guy? We must remember that this is a singing my taste (I may be totally tone deaf...)Adam Lambert should win with eyeliner and all...but I can't vote!!!
I'm sure a lot of people are going to vote for Kris because he is SO safe (married and everything) but he's as exciting as a wet sweater (sorry for the ruffled feathers). I don't give a rat's ass that Adam is gay, but being a very private person I was stunned (let's say it) by the pictures in the internet. I have to give him a thumbs up for cleaning up his act for Idol. I'm sure if he wins there won't be anymore guy on guy action pictures! Or there will be and we will have other stuff to gossip about than Angelina/Brad and who dumped Jennifer Aniston! LOL
Anyways both their lives are already totally changed, and both will make making records!
I wish you both good luck! :)

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tracy said...

That is a great photo!! beautiful!