Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I decided to start my post with something beautiful. The biggest delphite bowl with square bottom made by Pyrex Canada. No it's not a Bluebell. It's delphite...Aaaah delphite! Music to my ears and my eyes. I like that blue so much.
I took a great picture (If I can't toot my own horn in my blog...). Look at the way the sun is shining and the way you can see through the bowl..Sigh! lol
So now that i'm really relaxed and peaceful, I can write about the leaves in the pool! I am very,very stiff this morning...Ouch! Not in pain, which is excellent. Where did all these leaves come from???
It seems there are triple the quantity from last year...Maybe it's because, I'm doing it solo this year. Usually I do it on a weekend and Dan & I take turns...But last weekend it was raining and the pool company called to say they would be by this week to check if the pool is straight. When you look at it from a certain angle it seems askew...So that is why I placed a service call.
After the leaves I have to remove the cover, which should be done wednesday night. Today I weed and work the bean patch so I can sow beans and edamame. Tonight we will be eating sandwiches in the parking lot of the movie theater 'coz we're going to see Wolverine! I can't miss Hugh Jackman...LOL
By the way: We feel eating sandwhiches in the parking is better than having the crap at the theater (Burger king and New York fries). Other than that there's a Subway nearby, but I feel that all the subs taste the same thing...And their italian bread (with herbs and cheese on it) makes me wheeze (true, I have an allergy when I smell it! Strange, no?)


Sonya-Dime Store Thrift said...

That truly is a good looking photo!

Vonlipi said...

Thanks Sonya! :)