Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yesterday around 2 p.m, I fried my computer...everything stopped (My heart included!)

I found a guy in the local phone book would could pickup my laptop and fix it and bring it back....

He came to pick it up just as promised left me a receipt. I got a partial diagnosis later last night....My C drive was full (surprise!)....he would clean it up and bring it back.

Today I got my laptop back....I have tons of room now. But when I fried it, i fried it good!!! Real good!
I lost sound, the external mouse, and both my USB ports are gone too! Bouhoubouhou!!! Which means (I don't really care about the sound) that I can't print, can't use my external drive, can't download pictures....I probably missed something too! In the process I lost my recipe book. It's on my external drive...but since I can't use it....

My techie also told me that my laptop was living on borrowed time (lol), but I knew that. I bought it second hand and was really surprised that it lasted soooo long!

Well at least I got most of my Pyrex pictures and am already working on a way to get a new laptop.

So that's why I'm posting nice cheerful Pyrex pictures. I find them relaxing and happy. Tech gadgets will break eventually it's a fact!

Being 24 hrs without the internet was quite a change. I didn't even open the TV! I just worked on classifying all the garage sale stuff, making boxes for the salvation army and baking brownies to thank my neighbor Claire to take me to the shopping center. I also invented a nice chinese supper...BBQ chicken breasts in spare ribs sauce (chinese garlic sparerib sauce) and rice noodles,green beans and carrots in black bean sauce....Lip smakcing!

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