Friday, May 29, 2009

Pool news

No picture again!

We have noticed at the end of winter that the pool was kind crooked. So at the end of March I called to take an appointment to have a tech come over and check out the pool.

3 weeks ago a tech supervisor called to say they would be there later that week. Time passed, days went like a blur...

No tech!!!

I didn't really follow through because I was freaking out on the garage sale....Ok so it's over.
Monday I called the pool place to ask where is my tech, 'coz the pool is not started yet and I keep having this weird nightmare from America's Funniest Videos...I'm swimming and there goes the side of the pool, water everywhere and me in all my luscious splendor....
They told me a tech would call me back Tuesday (needless to say he didn't) and I called back Wednesday and got a callback the very same afternoon...I was in shock! he told me that if my pool was crooked, I would have to empty it, and he would have to level it and change the lining and another thing (I couldn't hear over the cash register noise in my head! catching!)

So Thursday around 4:30 he came and actually the pool is not that crooked! Yay! It could last like that 6-7 years until I change the lining! That is GOOD news!

I will sleep easier and I can't wait to start that pool! LOL


tracy said...


(I couldn't hear over the cash register noise in my head! catching!)

lolol.... I had the same thought! But glad it wasnt as bad as all that! Sure wish I had a pool. My son was just saying yesterday how he missed his aunt having a pool. they moved and the new house doesnt have one


Vonlipi said...

It was around 200$ which is a lot better than 2500$!

At that price with the summer we're having, I would've skipped the pool altogether....

Like 5 years ago I declared: I can't stand it anymore! I'm always sweaty and hot and so tired I can't work in the garden!!! And all my firends have pools and are always refreshed...I NEED A POOL! And we got in the car and bought a pool...Best purchase ever!