Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finnegan's Flea Market

Haaaaaaa! Saturday morning, not too hot,kinda overcast....Spur of the moment ROADTRIP!
Off to Hudson Quebec, about 30 min west of Montreal. Hudson is a sweet village on the shore of the Two Mountains lake with gorgeous houses and quaint little shops and saturdays Finnegan's flea market.
Situated in a field, it has a real old fashion feel. There you can find collectibles,furniture, crafts,antiques,plants,organic veggies and honey and homebaked goods.

In the second picture my friend Therese (chance meeting) just put a deposit on the gorgeous english hoosier in front of her. She just happened to stop by on her way to Ottawa.
I always feel like I'm on vacation when in Hudson. Time seems to stand still...
Of course I was on the hunt for some missing Pyrex pieces and maple syrup. My supply was long gone....Thank god my regular supplier was there! 4 cans should last me a year(I hope). I also found some sweet pea seedlings at Ferme le Tournevant (a small organic farm) run by young people.

I saw some Pyrex,but nothing I was looking for. A small turquoise 401 was marked 20$ (that is a lot of clams!!!)
We did find a true treasure...Unfortunatly I have yet to take a pic...A heavenly ashtray for 2$.
I'll try to take a picture for next time!
One thing is for sure: You can always have a real good time there!

This seller had nice stuff,but a real bad attitude! LOL (I won't be buy his stuff anytime soon!)

My fave pic of the day! I just love those birdhouses and old chaird togheter.


matersum said...

I've only once been to Finnegan's, but I loved it!!! I hope to go back many times this summer!

Vonlipi said...

Do go back it's so nice and fun! And close to you as well! :)