Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sheets! Glorious bed sheets!

I love bed sheets, I love to look at them and to touch them. I love to buy some and to have a lot!

I have different sheets for different seasons. I was trying to remember when I first fell in love with sheets. What go me started???

I have a feeling it's genetic! LOL! As I was saying in an earlier post as I grow older I'm developping this mania of vintage fabrics...It's probably a mutation of my sheet mania!

I remember 20 years ago my Dad giving me Ralph Lauren 100% cotton sheets (white and blue stripped), he had gotten them at a factory outlet in Mass. They were the most beautiful thing I ever saw. All cool and crisp! Over the years I got quite a few of those sets, and some are still in use. Simultanously with Ralph I discovered the Martha Stewart sheets. Okay they were not in cotton but in a poly/cotton blend and so cheerful. I would go into a Kmart (in Lebanon NH) like into a holy shrine, a poly/cotton shrine and would smile alone in an aisle looking at all those sheets.....SIGH!!!

At one point my better half (always the helpful Dan!) informed me that we had enough sheets....really???

I honestly don't know how many sets I have...I have 4 sets for winter....Flannel, soft flannel-like going to sleep in a warm hug! My best ones come from LL Bean and are extra soft, white background with big sunflowers. I have a sage green set (also LL Bean) plain fitted sheet and pillow cases but a striped flat sheet (you can customize), a Target set, pale blue with white and dark blue 60's flowers, and the newest addition....a xmas gift actually! A LL Bean flannel set, white background with evergreen trees in all the colors of their flannel collection (That was a stroke of genius, if you ask me! lol, you can still match your existing bedding).

I have 4 comforters....2 for each case the cats puke on one in the middle of the night (Been there done that...) You just need to pull out a new one, throw the puked on one to the side and go back to bed.

And I keep fantasizing about buying new sheets....I'm looking forward to my OOB (Old Orchard Beach) vacation and thinking of going to Target to look at bedding. In the meantine whenever I see cool pillowcases at the church basement, I grab them! My latest one (pink,white and purple stripes) ended up in my bed this afternoon. Sometimes I used them as background for pictures, or they could end up in my eternal quilt...which i will finish one day..I swear!

I have to go...I think one of the cats just puked on the bedspread! LOL


tracy said...

about this

that we had enough sheets.

hahahaha! its so funny when another doesnt share your love of something.

and I adore cotton sheet! The best thing ever..getting into a bed with cotton sheets.


Vonlipi said...

You are so right! The coolness on the just can't beat that!

I've also been told that I have enough Pyrex! Surprised?

Thanks for stopping by! :)