Monday, May 4, 2009

Who knew?

Who knew these bowls were part of the same set? Well, certainly not me!!!
I know my Pyrex well, but I had never seen this variation in cinderella bowls. Usually you have either alternately printed and plain bowls or the smallest one is white with the colored patterned, then the size up is the opposite colored background with white pattern and so on.
When I picked up this box full of bowls at my Dad's place I was sure it was all missmatched. I already had the bigger one and I was looking for something to do with the rest....
But the orange one kept bugging me, even during the night (Yes I dream of Pyrex....)

So I looked in the reference books and nothing (the books are great but totally incomplete). Thank god for the Pyrex Love web site! I found a picture of the same set. I was so glad I had that mystery solved!
This is the Town and Country pattern issued in 1963.
Lovely isn't? I certainly think so!


Lucy Van Pelt said...

Allo ! Ma mêre a eu ces bols en cadeau de mariage en 1965, je les adore. Les siens ont fait beaucoup de gateaux... si tu veux t'en défaire, fais moi signe.
Bonne journée.

Lucy Van Pelt

Vonlipi said...

Lucy Van Pelt! mais quel plaisir d'avoir ce commentaire!

C'est pour cela que j'aime tellement le Pyrex. Nous avons toujours des souvenirs comme le tien....Don't be a stranger!!!

V x

tracy said...

Wow, that is a really cool set. Ive never seen those colors. Love them...tracy