Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a MESS!!!

So it seemed like a good idea at the freshen up the outside cushions before the big start of the season!

As you can see the !@#$$%^ thing exploded in my washing machine!! I was not laughing at the time, more like cussing!
I left everything there, and went on one of my weekly excursions at the church basement. Where I found this darling cream and sugar set, it is very cute! I jumped on it like there was no tomorrow! It will make a great addition to my Etsy boutique!

When I came back, I emptied the washing machine (30 min). Stuffed the foam back in (60m), and started sewing it back up, but I was outside to minimize the mess and starting to get bored! So I took everything inside and put in a DVD (The new world with Collin Farrell) and continued my very dull but necessary work....It took most of the movie to finish it because I would get hypnotized by the beautiful landscapes of this movie. Definitely not for everyone, but a beautiful piece of art. Props to the location scouts! props to the makeup artists, those indians were so exotic and beautiful. And props to the first colonists who really had it tough. Ok it was a bad idea to steal the land and kill tons of indians, but those first winters were really awful! I don't think I would've survived the crossing- Anyways let's face it with my asthma I probably would've died real young! ok enough of the depressing stuff!

I have to skedaddle! Have a nice day! :)


Anonymous said...

well THAT'S a big old mess!
Glad you got it all fixed up, I'd have been cursing too

Vonlipi said...

It proves that life doesn't always go as we want. I did have a lot of time to meditate while doing that!

Mom Walds Place said...

You do realize that at least half of the hits on this post, had to show the washer photo to their hubby or roomate (or cat)? Thanks for making our day look a whoooole lot better.

Except for envying the creamer set that is.

Vonlipi said...

MWP you really made me laugh with your comment!

It was not the first time this happened to me. I have developped techniques over the!

You can use a small strainer, that helps...:)