Sunday, May 24, 2009

What a day!

Oh my! I'm still tired from all the exictement...From the garage/driveway sale! At 4:00 in the A.M. I woke up a little voice screaming in my head "I didn't prepare my change purse!!!"

It was really cold and overcast in the morning. We finished placing our stuff at 7:00 just as a jogger stopped by asking about the bench. He would talk to his wife about it (they came back and bought the bench). We had a lot of fun. I find that I'm more social since I don't work (but really...). We met tons of nice folks, we laughed ,shared stupid stories, garage sale tales...

One of the best things from this day is that Jenn from Matersum stopped by with her hubby and adorable little girl . It was really nice to meet a fellow Etsy seller from my neighborhood!

What people bought was a real surprise. The clock in this picture was touched a gazillion times and it's still in my house ( I so don't like the clock!). The tools all found a new house. A lot of the perrenials also (Thanks Jenn!). A butt ugly old stained kitchen chair was also adopted...But no one...I mean NO ONE looked at the Pyrex!

How come? I think it's a cultural thing. Most of my french speaking friends don't know what Pyrex is, they don't know that it's a collectible (ok they think I;m CRAZY for collecting it...LOL) and my gay friends know what Pyrex is....But I don't really know why! I identify more with the American culture and sometimes the European one, but never the French Canadian one and I usually stick out like a sore thumb (What can you do?)

Anyways the Pyrex didn't sell AT ALL so that table was the first to be packed.

Another surprise is that I only sold 4 books. I had amazing books (really). Cool retro cookbooks and hardcovers, mystery paperbacks all near mint. A quarter each paperback and a buck for a hardcover. You can't get a better deal than that!!!

We didn't get as much traffic because we're near the water and secluded...and because a town nearby had a town wide garage sale (You can't compete with that...)

We had so much fun that we will be having another one and sooner than you think!

Did I mention we had a warning from the police (?). We were not allowed to host a garage sale this weekend...Only on certain dates...That sucked BIG time! And to think that I checked the town's website to make sure everything was kosher!

At 9:00 P.M last night I was out like a log and woke up at 6:59 A.M, quite refreshed but with a really red nose just like Rudolf!

I already started to prepare for the next garage sale by making lists and re-packing everything. Some stuff will go to the church basement....and some to the Salvation Army.

The big STAR of the garale sale? That brown wood table that I put the Pyrex on. 10 people wanted to buy it, but it was not for is my kitchen table!

oh,oh,oh! I forgot to mention that 2 men tried to buy some garden soil I had nearby!

Needless to say that today was spent putting away boxes and re-organizing...I had the energy to work a bit in the veggie garden...I'm keeping the rest for 2morrow!


tracy said...

Thats insane that no one wanted the pyrex... I back my car up and shovel it all in!

Vonlipi said...

You're too funny Tracy!

I listed some of it in Etsy and will continue to do so today.

Like I said it's probably because people don't know what Pyrex is. It was certainly not the prices, they were real reasonnable! :)

libertybellepa said...

oh, to be your neighbor!