Saturday, June 28, 2014


We were supposed to go grocery shopping in Massena, NY....But halfway there we kinda figured out that this being a loooonnnngg weekend; there would be half of Quebec and half Ontario at the border crossing....

So we just drove on to Ontario and pretty much stopped at all the yard sales on the way!

                                          It was a really good thrifting day, I'm not buying for the Etsy store anymore....
                                           I am a closet Snoopy maniac! So i was really happy to snap up
                                           this hockey themed pillowcase for a big ol'dollar.

                                           Next up 2 sets of 2 ice trays still in their wrappers for .25 cents

                                            These will come in handy because I have a big cooler to fill
                                            soon and I'm too stubborn and cheap to pay for ice!

                                In this picture: One Tupperware shaker for .25 cents (barely used) and
                                a cereal  keeper, Tupperware also for .50 cents.

                                Now as much as I dispise greasy, scratched Tupperware; I am a total sucker
                                for very cheap, barely used Tupperware!!! I never pass it up!
                                 These will come in handy!
                                Also in this picture; a Pyrex beverage server with gold kitchen utensils
                                The design is in poor shape, but I could not pass this up for $1.

                                  I will use it for cold water with my fancy ice cubes!
                                         Now last but not least this little Blue Mountain Pottery bowl
                                         It will make a perfect catch all in my bedroom.
                                         It was .50 cents

                                         So all in all a surprise thrifting trip that was highly satisfying!

                                          I hope to post soon the pictures of the things I left behind....

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wee Update

As for the cement , no we are not make stepping stones (which would be fab) but we need to deal with a pesky crack in the basement....

But we did not whip up a batch of cement.... we watched TV! Viva Vacation!

 So I successfully canned a jar of pickled garlic for the winter.
 The new veggie garden is 2/3 done
                                              I am waiting for a pool tech to change the filter....
fingers crossed I want to swim before the vacation is over...
 This is the MVP (Most Valuable Pyrex) this week!
My Red Kettle serving plater ; I used it everyday this week

And since we ae working out side a lot, we need a lot of refreshments....
And I made giant ice cubes in sillicone cupcake liners with cranberries, lemons and limes.
So refreshing!
I hope to be back soon with more updates!
Be well

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Worst!

I am guilty! Guilty of extreme lazyness...

I've let my perrenial borders run amock and my yearly efforts to contain them have not been sufficient.

So this year I AM GOING TO WIN THE WAR!!!

No more lazy butt!!! No more crazy plants that run wild all over!

                                             This is the future site of the veggie garden.
                                              Much smaller and I hope easier to manage!
 Dan washed the deck so we can stain it later this week
                                         These are all the wild garlic I dug out. I'm soaking it to remove
                                          all the dirt. I might pickle some...
                                 Garlic buds....they made a nice addition to the veggies for supper
                                 last night.

                                  I was soooo tired, I finished the day like a zombie....

                                  Surprisingly I'm not really sore today!

                                  It is raining this morning, so no guerilla gardening.

                                  Instead on the program this morning, we go in the basement and whip up
                                  a bacth of waterproof ciment.

                                  Then we will be framing some art....

                                  Yes I will blog about it!

                                  Later :)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Love at First Sight!

Yesterday I remembered that this weekend is one of our yard sale weekends....

But I didn't really feel like thrifting....keep on reading folks....I didn't have a stroke everything is fine!!!

It's just I'm tired of seeing greasy Tupperwaes, jig saw puzzles and kids clothes.

We drove pas a few, but I didn't stop. We had a lot of shopping to do: drugstore, hardware store, bank....

But I did stop at a church run thrift shop. This thift shop is strange because the volunteers decide what they will be keeping to sell and throw away perfectly good vintage things that they don't like!

Once in a while I get Pyrex there but not this time. I almost walked by it. Then I did a double take and just grabbed it.

Isn't she a beauty?
A handpainted made in Japan appetizer plate.
By the look of it she's from the 60's
(just like me)

  Check out the foot with the crocs!
 I totally fell for that plate...
Also at that thift shop I saw this

This is a cute telephone table.

                             I wish this coffee room table was in real wood
 This is one of the ugliest painting I've ever seen, no joke!
You know that patio furniture we got a while back? Well we're looking for a cover
for the loveseat....Nobody sells one!
Not Wallmart, Home Depot, Reno Depot , Patrick Morin (a Quebec based hardware chain), Rona,
Canadian Tire....NOBODY SELLS THEM!!!
And when we ask for it, we get you is crazy people looks!
But thank God for the internet! I found one reasonnably priced that will be coming my way from Texas....
Can't wait!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

You Know What?

You know what?

That adirondack chair was not going to get the best of me!

So last Tuesday we went to the hardware store with a bolt in my purse to buy new nuts.

Sunday I made this chair my primo project....

                                                    Less than 30 minutes later...

                                            A nice cedar adirondack foldable chair!

                                                    Yoda was taking a bath on the loveseat...

                                           My Dad gave us a family treasure from the 1800's.

                                            A pair of wood elephants that have been in the family ever since
                                            my Dad can remember!
                                          My web research didn't turn up much except that most of them come from England and that these my might made of teak wood.
                                          Dan is crazy about them!

                                           Last I'd like to share a vintage vignette fom the living room.
                                          This is the antithesis of the decor I grew up with and I believe
                                           this is why I love mid-century modern.

                                            So take care and sleep tight thrifty friends!  

Sunday, June 8, 2014

What a Great Day!

Somedays planets just seem to align and everything is going your way...

We were up before 7 am. We had some coffees and watched a bit of tv (let's be

And at 8:00 am we were outside ready to go!

                                                    Screws and tools....
                                                   Opening the box....

                                                    Almost there....That is an heavy sun umbrella!

                                        Summer Paradise! I cam't wait to read the paper....

 Snack for hardworking folks.
 Next project assembling an Adirondack chair
                                                         Well....I had to put it back in the box....
There's something wrong with the nuts! LOL
The nuts are toooo tight!
We have to go to the hardware store tomorrow...
Time to get ready for the week ahead!
Sleep tight :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sometimes you thrift

Last saturday I had high hopes because we were going to an anual basement church sale....

In the past years we bought chairs, cool items for the store and blow molds galore!

Now this year I spent only 25 cents and got this

 It was pretty crudy and my better half just looked at me increduously...
Really? You're going to buy this?
 I got this vintage cookie tin for a .50 cents
                                 And this one too!
                                          And I fell in love with these little paint by number guys
                                          for $2. Sweet!
                                          And we did most yard sales between my boondock and
                                           Brockville, Ont.

                                           So everything for $3.25 and I got to donate a lot of overflow...
                                            4 boxes a big basket and a lampshade.

                                           Next time I'll post some pics I took from this road trip!