Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Worst!

I am guilty! Guilty of extreme lazyness...

I've let my perrenial borders run amock and my yearly efforts to contain them have not been sufficient.

So this year I AM GOING TO WIN THE WAR!!!

No more lazy butt!!! No more crazy plants that run wild all over!

                                             This is the future site of the veggie garden.
                                              Much smaller and I hope easier to manage!
 Dan washed the deck so we can stain it later this week
                                         These are all the wild garlic I dug out. I'm soaking it to remove
                                          all the dirt. I might pickle some...
                                 Garlic buds....they made a nice addition to the veggies for supper
                                 last night.

                                  I was soooo tired, I finished the day like a zombie....

                                  Surprisingly I'm not really sore today!

                                  It is raining this morning, so no guerilla gardening.

                                  Instead on the program this morning, we go in the basement and whip up
                                  a bacth of waterproof ciment.

                                  Then we will be framing some art....

                                  Yes I will blog about it!

                                  Later :)

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Cheapchick said...

Hmm, cement? garden path rocks?