Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sometimes you thrift

Last saturday I had high hopes because we were going to an anual basement church sale....

In the past years we bought chairs, cool items for the store and blow molds galore!

Now this year I spent only 25 cents and got this

 It was pretty crudy and my better half just looked at me increduously...
Really? You're going to buy this?
 I got this vintage cookie tin for a .50 cents
                                 And this one too!
                                          And I fell in love with these little paint by number guys
                                          for $2. Sweet!
                                          And we did most yard sales between my boondock and
                                           Brockville, Ont.

                                           So everything for $3.25 and I got to donate a lot of overflow...
                                            4 boxes a big basket and a lampshade.

                                           Next time I'll post some pics I took from this road trip!


Jill said...

It's such a letdown when a sale is not like it used to be!!! It seems to happen too often!

jcamp78 said...

I have a butter dish that matches that napkin holder!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the paint by number kitties! I am finding that sales are not like they use to be at all!

Cheapchick said...

Hey, I would buy almost anything for .25 because if you change your mind you can always donate or sell it on. Nice finds! My last church sale was so disappointing I left without buying a thing. My Mom found a couple items though. Cheers!