Monday, October 27, 2008

Church bazaar

Every year before Halloween the church near my house hosts its annual bazaar in the nearby school gym. I usually go there to purchase Phentex slippers (because they las forever!!!). Las year I found a small red refrigerator dish (sans lid ) for a quarter...So I was very hopeful for this year!
Well my optimism paid off! On your left is a picture of my loot.
4 Corelle saucers with Flamingo trim (for the kitties), 2 Glasbake custard cups, 1 Pink daisy 1 1/2 QT casserole with lid and a small McCoy violet planter for 2.50$. Imagine that!!!
It is a wonder I manage to find these treasures in a sea of people...It was soooo warm ( I was sweating from places a lady doesn't sweat from lol) and I was pushed and shoved and pulled in all directions. When I saw the casserole it was as is time stood still...there was silence and then I saw it, just standing there minding its own business....
Same with the McCoy. I just say to myself (aproaching the home decor table) wouldn't it be fun if I found a McCoy? Well ladida, I should play the lottery more often!!!
The pot just appeared before my eyes....I also managed to break 3 or 4 glasses with the lid of a Pyrex teapot (oops) they made me pick all the glass from the box (ouf!) but nobody was hurt!

I had a wonderful cupcake with white and turquoise icing (but I didn't manage to take a picture of it, I inhaled that cupcake...hihihi)
There was stuff for everyone and you could even have a hearty lunch for 3 dollars (sandwich, chips, soup, coffee and dessert).
After all that excitement I walked home with SO (significant other) while pulling my trusty buggy (just like in Brimfield Mass)....
I would like to give a shout out to my dad: Hi Dad! have a good day :)!!!
And to all my faithful readers (yes the 6 of you, lol) Till next time....Have a super day and Happy thrifting!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Salvation Army Tuesday

I didn't find any Pyrex, but that was expected because I have been having a lot of luck lately....Nevertheless this is what I found! A double boiler insert from Wearever to replace the one I had (It was all banged up and the lid didn't fit anymore...) for 2.99.

An uncandle glass (pyrex) for .39 cents (I gonna use that as a vase) and a Xmas kitchen towel (New with tags) for .29 cents. So a satisfying experience over all. It was good to go back to the Salvation Army, I had missed it terribly and I looooove de chase! The expectancy, the 'I might find a treasure' fealing...It is priceless!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Grey Day

Fall brings us really beautiful images...Like the wonderful sunrise I was lucky enough to see this morning.I was hoping for a gorgeous day like yesterday, but instead I got cold, humid and grey...Brrrrrrr
Even the cats don't want to go outside! I was able to tie up a lot of loose ends like rake some leaves (again???), finish closing the pool, taking a walk and continue to prepare the borders for winter. I even harvested the Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes) I stayed outside 3 1/2 hours and it was time for a break!
So now I am inside witha lot less energy, LOL!
I am looking forward to my city outing tomorrow...Salvation army here I come!
The second picture is of the sunchokes in an antique egg basket, in case you had never seen any.
It is an heirloom vegetable and is native to North America, it was, at one point called Canada potato.

Have a nice afternoon!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The loot....

This is most of it...I need inspiration to make the most of the

The first one is called Tulips (I call it Black Tulips) a 1957 cradled Xmas promo. I was not aware that it was so old. I tell you it is MINT!!! No scratches on the design..I did not know it came with a cradle...I got it in Maine ( a Pyrex hot spot...), it was on sale...9.00 (not too bad!)

Second one is a Town & Country casserole with lid (I think it is a 474) I did not have that size...8.00 minus 5.60! Yippee...
Next a 471 Crazy Daisy 5.00 minus 30%.... 3.50 cool..Did not have that size in that pattern
Last but not least...A 471 pink Butterprint! Ho man! How cool is that? 6.00 minus 30%...4.20! I had never seen one! And actually I saw it back in September but I could not make my mind..I was in Pyrex OVERLOAD!!! So I was lucky it waited for me....all dirty with a dead fly in it...LOL
I also picked up 2 small bowls with an unknown to me pattern, but I haven't taken a picture yet...Maybe tomorrow....:)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm back....

Aaaaaahhhhh! The beach, the sun, the sand, the wind, the cold....
the temperature wasn't as nice as last year....but i dipped nevertheless...Did not stay long....But I dipped!
I had my fill of seafood and junk, had a lot of fun and shopped sooooo much...I thought I would never shop again!!! The Maine mall is sure big! The term GINORMOUS comes to mind...I am sure there are bigger malls out there, but for us it sure was big. The foliage was beautiful. I say goodbye to OOB for the winter, and hopefully I will return next year. Today is a quicky post, but I will return shortly with a Pyrex finds post....see you later....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Crazy fun....

Who knew just how much fun I could have with Pyrex???
A few of us were issued a challenge to do our own version of a photo in Pyrex in action...A sqare hostess set bowl with a candle and glass chunks as a center piece.
Since I have 3 of those bowls I decided to do 3 versions. Here they are!!!
Two things that bug me: I didn't have enough sea glass and my red bowl was too small!!! It would've looked better bigger with those big pine cones...Anyways it is a cheap, fast and fun way to do a centerpiece for any occasion....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Countdown to the BEACH!!!

Only 3 bedtimes and we head to the beach!!!

During my stay in September, I tried to book a stay for canadian thanksgiving (Columbus day?) but everything was already booked (I was flabbergasted!!!), but I left my name in case there is an opening and believe it or not on the way back (on rte 26, Maine) they called and left a message!!! So We will be staying in a 2 bedroom condo ( we are taking SD-step daughter this time). She is really excited (never as much as me....) and the thought of going to Target, the beach and stuffing ourselves with seafood.... You get what I mean???
Did I mention that I am on a seafood diet? I see food and I eat hehehehe (which might explain all those extra pounds) But enough about weight!!! This is supposed to be a blog about my favorite things....I hope to go to LLBean in Freeport, Michael's and Xmas tree shop and to eat Bill's Pizza, lobster or fried foods from the Lobster claw, to walk on the beach and basically just veg out..It is going to be goooood! And of course maybe score a bit of Pyrex!!!
Oh and there's this chocolate moose (Life size its seems....) in Scarborough.
Good times will be had by all ......OOB here I come!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dreams do come true...

I already mentioned the Pyrex soldiers led by my dear Dad in a previous post; well they came trough BIG time!!!
I got this amazing and very rare canadian Pyrex delphite casserole! I am in awe....I make a point to use as much of my pieces as possible, but I might make an exception on that one! It looks more fragile than regular Pyrex.
Next we have a beautiful Woodland 473 casserole (If you had told me two months ago that I would like brown I would've pucked-yes I tell you!), I love that design!!!

Next two new beauties...A Horizon divided vegetable dish, I just love that color and the lid pattern is really distinctive. It makes it hard to tell it is Horizon coz' they keep changing the pattern! And Dad actually said " Please stop it smells like Pyrex" How crazy is that? What does Pyrex smell like?
And last but not least, a really popular casserole in the Pyrex in action group on Flickr: the Heinz promo casserole (buy 3 Heinz products and for .79 cents get this beautiful casserole). What I find interesting is that the shape and color are unsusual, the company never made other pieces like that (not that I know of....)

I feel truly blessed and spoiled to get all those wonderful Pyrex pieces.

Thanks Dad- Merci Papa :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Today's loot....

Here is the bottom of a 2 1/2 quarts cassrole. I recognise the way the price is written...It is the way the Salvation army prices its items....but I didn't purchase this from SA...No siree bob!

Salvation Army had nothing today...really, I even heard two old regulars say " Slim pickin's today eh?" I saw a clear pie plate and some JAJ Pyrex cups (not my cup'o'tea!).

I was kind of discouraged and depressed so I said (to myself) I will go to the church basement where I never find anything....Well there was this beautiful white casserole with turquoise snowflakes....real dirty but minty nevertheless....$ 1.50!!!! And I also got a very large crown jar (very old too) for a dollar!

That was quite a day....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am in need...

Of thrifting for sure....Man it is like a drug! I can't wait to go to my old faithful tomorrow (Salvation Army) and see what treasures await...Oh well, I still need to finish the day.It is raining here and cool. I started to spray the plants so I can take them inside. I also emptied part of the pool and the leaf net is installed, I just need to give myself a swift kick in the wazoo to finish the job. I harvest the squash and the cantalopes and planted the perrenials I received earlier this week. I have no motivation, probably because we had a really strange summer weatherwise and the fall looks like it will be grey and chilly.

I have been hanging out on Flickr a lot and I am meeting with a lot of interesting people who thrift and collect Pyrex. I am a moderator for a group called Pyrex in action. You must have guess it...we post pictures of Pyrex being used!!! It is really fun to see hoe the members use their dishes. Check it out!

Before I sign off I though I would share some pictures of vintage signs I took a while back, I hope you enjoy them! Later