Monday, October 27, 2008

Church bazaar

Every year before Halloween the church near my house hosts its annual bazaar in the nearby school gym. I usually go there to purchase Phentex slippers (because they las forever!!!). Las year I found a small red refrigerator dish (sans lid ) for a quarter...So I was very hopeful for this year!
Well my optimism paid off! On your left is a picture of my loot.
4 Corelle saucers with Flamingo trim (for the kitties), 2 Glasbake custard cups, 1 Pink daisy 1 1/2 QT casserole with lid and a small McCoy violet planter for 2.50$. Imagine that!!!
It is a wonder I manage to find these treasures in a sea of people...It was soooo warm ( I was sweating from places a lady doesn't sweat from lol) and I was pushed and shoved and pulled in all directions. When I saw the casserole it was as is time stood still...there was silence and then I saw it, just standing there minding its own business....
Same with the McCoy. I just say to myself (aproaching the home decor table) wouldn't it be fun if I found a McCoy? Well ladida, I should play the lottery more often!!!
The pot just appeared before my eyes....I also managed to break 3 or 4 glasses with the lid of a Pyrex teapot (oops) they made me pick all the glass from the box (ouf!) but nobody was hurt!

I had a wonderful cupcake with white and turquoise icing (but I didn't manage to take a picture of it, I inhaled that cupcake...hihihi)
There was stuff for everyone and you could even have a hearty lunch for 3 dollars (sandwich, chips, soup, coffee and dessert).
After all that excitement I walked home with SO (significant other) while pulling my trusty buggy (just like in Brimfield Mass)....
I would like to give a shout out to my dad: Hi Dad! have a good day :)!!!
And to all my faithful readers (yes the 6 of you, lol) Till next time....Have a super day and Happy thrifting!


Cynthia said...

WOW you found some great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

Vonlipi said...

Thanks for your comment!