Tuesday, November 4, 2008


On this very strange American election day, I feel very nostalgic and sad...I don't really know why
Maybe it is because everyday I close the garden more, maybe because i know that whatever the results of today's election my country will be affected by them....
Of course my blog is not supposed to be a forum for my political opinions, but I feel that sometimes the american goverment is bullying my goverment.... That for sure won't bring anymore positive comments on my blog...LOL
I was too lazy to take pictures of last week's loot at the salvation army.
I mailed a souvenir tray to the pittsburg region before I could photograph it and 2 items I found will be a small gift for Dad so I can't post a picture( he actually reads my blog...). Suddenly I started being more and more interested in vintage fabric...my dad says I have very powerful and strange genes!!!
I will try to post a picture 2 morrow after I come back from the church basement. And tonite, I cannot bear to watch the election, it stresses me too much...I will remove caulk from around my tub and my kitchen sink!
Later my friends

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