Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Belated Salvation army post

Better late than never!!!

First of all this is the Pittsburg souvenir tray. I got it after a flickr member expressed an interest in it..It is already on it's way to the Pittsburg area. How cool is that?

Next I got this swatch of beautiful psychadelic shocking pink and orange fabric for 1.50$. I also found parts of Pyrex...A handle for Flameware (the set came with 3 pots and just one handle..can you see something wrong with this picture???) I mean when your pot is on the stove with a handle the heat makes it swell and you can't remove the handle....So multiple handles are a MUST if you have flameware! And lo and behold a double boiler lid for my Dad, he had the bottom, I gave him the insert and finally the set will be complete....fantastic

I need to talk about the Salvation Army personnel...They're a bunch of characters allright!!! But I must say Hi to a special cashier, I don't know her name yet, but everytime a price is missing on your items she just yells 25 cents!!! How cool is that!!! That is what I paid for the double boiler lid and the Flameware Handle! WOW! Thank you anonymous Salvation Army Cashier! Thank you!!!

Well this is my two cents...until another day

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