Friday, November 21, 2008

Naughty, naughty girl!!!

I have been a naughty girl! No thrifting Salvation Army.....And I didn't take a lot of pictures...

Basically I have been busy with getting rid of precious selling things in Ebay and Etsy and listing things is long; mesuring the box and weighing everything....

And like forever ago (nice phrase structure there!) I decided to make a quilt, I saved fabric and cut some squares, but that's it...So I started working on it ( It was on my "to do" list while unemployed...) Since I will go back to work eventually (euuuuurk) I need to put my pedal to the metal and get a move on!
And it is soooo cold here! 15 degrees for my american friends and minus 8 or 10 for my canadian readers....No snow! If it's cold I need the snow!!!
I had to pour hot tap water on one of my borders (yes i'm talking about gardening here) to thaw the soil so I could plant my fall bulbs....Brutal
The picture in my post is my mother's xmas they still work...brought back a lot of memories...I wonder if somebody will buy them. Ebay is like russian never know what will be a hit! But cleaning the house has been a life changing experience...No joke, I feel so liberated!
Later my friends!

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