Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am in need...

Of thrifting for sure....Man it is like a drug! I can't wait to go to my old faithful tomorrow (Salvation Army) and see what treasures await...Oh well, I still need to finish the day.It is raining here and cool. I started to spray the plants so I can take them inside. I also emptied part of the pool and the leaf net is installed, I just need to give myself a swift kick in the wazoo to finish the job. I harvest the squash and the cantalopes and planted the perrenials I received earlier this week. I have no motivation, probably because we had a really strange summer weatherwise and the fall looks like it will be grey and chilly.

I have been hanging out on Flickr a lot and I am meeting with a lot of interesting people who thrift and collect Pyrex. I am a moderator for a group called Pyrex in action. You must have guess it...we post pictures of Pyrex being used!!! It is really fun to see hoe the members use their dishes. Check it out!

Before I sign off I though I would share some pictures of vintage signs I took a while back, I hope you enjoy them! Later

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