Thursday, October 16, 2008

The loot....

This is most of it...I need inspiration to make the most of the

The first one is called Tulips (I call it Black Tulips) a 1957 cradled Xmas promo. I was not aware that it was so old. I tell you it is MINT!!! No scratches on the design..I did not know it came with a cradle...I got it in Maine ( a Pyrex hot spot...), it was on sale...9.00 (not too bad!)

Second one is a Town & Country casserole with lid (I think it is a 474) I did not have that size...8.00 minus 5.60! Yippee...
Next a 471 Crazy Daisy 5.00 minus 30%.... 3.50 cool..Did not have that size in that pattern
Last but not least...A 471 pink Butterprint! Ho man! How cool is that? 6.00 minus 30%...4.20! I had never seen one! And actually I saw it back in September but I could not make my mind..I was in Pyrex OVERLOAD!!! So I was lucky it waited for me....all dirty with a dead fly in it...LOL
I also picked up 2 small bowls with an unknown to me pattern, but I haven't taken a picture yet...Maybe tomorrow....:)


Cynthia said...

Love, love, love the black tulips! I am turning green with envy! Have fun on your city trip. My salvation army closed down to renovate and I have been having withdraws.

Vonlipi said...

Oooh that is too bad!
I hope it re-opens soon, we all need our thrifting fix and it is for a good cause!

I didn't have as much fun as usual becuase it was really cold and rainy :( and I didn't find a lot of my post tomorrow!