Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Countdown to the BEACH!!!

Only 3 bedtimes and we head to the beach!!!

During my stay in September, I tried to book a stay for canadian thanksgiving (Columbus day?) but everything was already booked (I was flabbergasted!!!), but I left my name in case there is an opening and believe it or not on the way back (on rte 26, Maine) they called and left a message!!! So We will be staying in a 2 bedroom condo ( we are taking SD-step daughter this time). She is really excited (never as much as me....) and the thought of going to Target, the beach and stuffing ourselves with seafood.... You get what I mean???
Did I mention that I am on a seafood diet? I see food and I eat it...lol hehehehe (which might explain all those extra pounds) But enough about weight!!! This is supposed to be a blog about my favorite things....I hope to go to LLBean in Freeport, Michael's and Xmas tree shop and to eat Bill's Pizza, lobster or fried foods from the Lobster claw, to walk on the beach and basically just veg out..It is going to be goooood! And of course maybe score a bit of Pyrex!!!
Oh and there's this chocolate moose (Life size its seems....) in Scarborough.
Good times will be had by all ......OOB here I come!!!


Amy Bradstreet said...

Say hey the next time you come down this way! It's always nice to meet flickr/blogger friends!

Vonlipi said...

I will for sure! Thanks for the invitation :-)