Saturday, June 28, 2014


We were supposed to go grocery shopping in Massena, NY....But halfway there we kinda figured out that this being a loooonnnngg weekend; there would be half of Quebec and half Ontario at the border crossing....

So we just drove on to Ontario and pretty much stopped at all the yard sales on the way!

                                          It was a really good thrifting day, I'm not buying for the Etsy store anymore....
                                           I am a closet Snoopy maniac! So i was really happy to snap up
                                           this hockey themed pillowcase for a big ol'dollar.

                                           Next up 2 sets of 2 ice trays still in their wrappers for .25 cents

                                            These will come in handy because I have a big cooler to fill
                                            soon and I'm too stubborn and cheap to pay for ice!

                                In this picture: One Tupperware shaker for .25 cents (barely used) and
                                a cereal  keeper, Tupperware also for .50 cents.

                                Now as much as I dispise greasy, scratched Tupperware; I am a total sucker
                                for very cheap, barely used Tupperware!!! I never pass it up!
                                 These will come in handy!
                                Also in this picture; a Pyrex beverage server with gold kitchen utensils
                                The design is in poor shape, but I could not pass this up for $1.

                                  I will use it for cold water with my fancy ice cubes!
                                         Now last but not least this little Blue Mountain Pottery bowl
                                         It will make a perfect catch all in my bedroom.
                                         It was .50 cents

                                         So all in all a surprise thrifting trip that was highly satisfying!

                                          I hope to post soon the pictures of the things I left behind....


SixBalloons said...

Love that snoopy pillowcase!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the Snoopy pillowcase and the blue pottery bowl. Fun finds for sure!

Jill said...

We came back from an overnight trip to Michigan and the Border crossing was not too bad!

Love that Snoopy pillowcase too!

I have that Pyrex juice carafe too, it was perfect when I got it but I've used it constantly but now the go.d is starting to wear off

Mick said...

I love the color of that ashtray, and now i'll be humming "Linus and Lucy's" theme all day!