Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What I left behind

So these are some of the pictures of the teasures I left behind on Saturday:

 This was a sweet fondue pot but I already have one.

 Even if I am the crazzy cat lady; I'm not sure I like those enough and I have the teapot in the shop and it is not moving...
 Why is Value Village a cemetary of old microwave glass platers? Please tell me, I need to know!

This one was hard to leave behind because I have magical memories of my vacation in Nantucket!
  And I am a sucker for vacation souvenirs....

                                A Fireking Primerose casserole

                                Some JAJ Pyrex casseroles

                                               A cool warmer tray. I must get one, one of these days!

                                          A Halloween blowmold, it was not a Xmas blowmold, that's why I left it there!!!
                                         A cool avocado green shoulder bag. Now I really wanted to get this bag
                                         but there was something wrong with the shoulder strap, so I left it there

                                        Well that's it folks! Today is another scrocher in the Montreal area and my pool is still not READY! AAAGGGHHH! Soon I'm hoping :)


Jim said...

Hello Ms.V! Good to see you today.
I have never seen a Primrose casserole before. I have a few others of that pattern.
It was good to see that you left a few items behind for the rest of us!! lol
Have a great Canada Day evening in Montreal!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

How were the prices on the Primrose casserole and the JAJ pieces? Things have gotten crazy. I love that Nantucket trivet! I find I don't buy much at the thrifts anymore, only my super cheap thrift store.

Cheapchick said...

I am a sucker for travel souvenirs, especially if I have been there too. We had a quiet hot Canada Day here on the Island. We took a long walk on the sand bars on the beach at low tide and came back and had bbq burgers (without buns as still trying to reduce bread intake), corn on the cob and leftover rice. I read then was in bed at 8pm - the walk must have tired me out. Such a party animal! Happy late Canada Day

Mick said...

I would have grabbed the pumpkin blow mold! Haha

Jill said...

You showed restraint!!

I cannot buy any more pumpkin blow molds, but if I see a ghost, it's mine!!