Thursday, July 3, 2014

About Time

Being on vacation this year has been AMAZING!

I feel so rested, inspired, creative, productive!!!

The pool is finally ready, at the end I was ready to throw in the towel and just empty it and dismantle it....

It took a new gasket (totally useless), a new filter (professionnaly installed) I'm so happy we paid extra for this because we would've gotten this all wrong  , a new 3-way valve....this is where I nearly threw in the towel!

First place I went, the service rep just gave me any old part and dismissed me...THANK YOU VERY MUCH B.....But we are lucky there's another pool store accross the street, an independent one, the service rep was super nice, not condescending and actually made me a deal on the part I needed....

I know where my future pool is going to come from....

I still need to return the part from the first store and I have a feeling they will get an earfull....or two!

 The pool is finally ready for dipping! It is wonderful and the sure sign summer is here!

The new veggie garden...Doesn't look like much now but I will post pictures of its progress
                                         I actually saw a car with false eyelashes!

 My blast from the past snack. In my youth sugary snacks were few and far apart...I got some on holidays...Xmas, Easter, Valentine's....Once in a blue mood my mother would buy a box of these. They were considered a luxury item (It was a real brand not generic, those were never on sale and actually tasted good). My mother was hyper thrifty and we would have cheapo on sale knockoff brand cookies
that weren't really tasty...Too thrifty is not always good.

So I bought a box (I am on vacation afterall)....Guess what? Of course know where I am headed!

I was disappointed! TOO SWEET! Good but too sweet, I could only eat 2 per sitting, which is eally more than plenty.

So the to do list is not getting smaller... Well it is what it is!

Sleep tight!


Jill said...

Foods like that just never taste like we remember them!!

Happy Holidays!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

So glad your pool is fixed! Enjoy! I think some of the foods of our youth are not the same when we eat them now! oh well.

Cheapchick said...

A pool! Mom only ever bought Pop Tarts as a treat when we went camping, same thing, way too sugary now but the memories!