Friday, July 18, 2014

Left behind

During my amazing vacation I thrifted I had the chance to thrift at a nearby place that I hadn't been in ages!

They had renovated, it was less dingy and definitelt sweet smelling! Always a plus for thrift shops!

Here's what I saw...

 The Federal dish with the lid is one of my all time fave! Yes I know, I'm betraying Pyrex....
But a girl can LOVE all the glassware she wants!!! It had some wear to the no go.

 For some reason, I'm seeing a lot of corn themed dishes lately....This is an ashtray, but I also saw
a S&P set and a plate.
 I remember a time when I would totally go gaga for those folksy country prints....
                           Not anymore!

 They had a wall of Barbies ....If I were 8 years old, I would have passed out!
                                   For sure! I loved Barbies, all kinds, all sizes!

  But being a good Pyrex Queen....I had to bring home those 2 Delphite lovelies!

The creamer I will eventually sell in my Etsy store and the saucer I will keep in case I break one of mine...

My first back at work went better than expected. And to tell you the truth even if the money isn't that great ...There are plenty of more stressful places to work.

I just wish it was closer to my neck of the woods...or I have to move closer to the job....

This weekend I'll be doing some light plumbing, some digging, movie watching and landscaping!



Cheapchick said...

Delphite - you lucky woman!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You bought the best items for sure! You know how I love that delphite blue!!

Mick said...

Delphite! What a wonderful color!