Sunday, July 13, 2014

More TCB and Vacation Round Up

On my to do list was a clean up of the spices shelf.....I tend to get messy and just open the door and throw spice jars....



 Yes I have a flashlight in my spice shelf....Most of the time I can't see what I have!!!

 The border were badly overgrown and some plants had overstayed their welcome!
I can't stand plants that run amock and take control of the garden!

 So were removed a lot of weeds and perrenials I couldn't stand. I have been lazy in the last
couple of years and it is high time I regain control of the yard!
In the corner we had an old climbing rose that had seen better days, out it went.
I will put an Alaska daisy in its place.
It is far from done. The grass you see will eventually be all gone too.
We also have rogue garlic growing all over the place....
So we dug some out.
I am letting it dry a bit.
And it seems I have a furry helper....
 So cute!

 The veggie garden is coming along....

And I started drying out herbs for the winter. Here's sage next to the garlic.
Also I dried oregano and lemon thyme...

This vacation was the best! We napped, shopped, ate out, read, gardened, swam,gardened, organized, laughed, gardened, laughed, gardened,stained,laughed and gardened!

Of course I wish we could have another week off....

And we will have to keep the TCB focus because we have more stuff to do!

Be well


Jill said...

I need to get at the same type of cupboard, it always looks so good after it's cleaned and organized!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I don't have that many spices, but my Mom does! I just reorganized her cabinet. I need to keep decluttering my home as well as hers!

Cheapchick said...

Wow, great garden - looks like a lovely vacation. I don't have quite as many spices but they still take up a whole cupboard.