Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wee Update

As for the cement , no we are not make stepping stones (which would be fab) but we need to deal with a pesky crack in the basement....

But we did not whip up a batch of cement.... we watched TV! Viva Vacation!

 So I successfully canned a jar of pickled garlic for the winter.
 The new veggie garden is 2/3 done
                                              I am waiting for a pool tech to change the filter....
fingers crossed I want to swim before the vacation is over...
 This is the MVP (Most Valuable Pyrex) this week!
My Red Kettle serving plater ; I used it everyday this week

And since we ae working out side a lot, we need a lot of refreshments....
And I made giant ice cubes in sillicone cupcake liners with cranberries, lemons and limes.
So refreshing!
I hope to be back soon with more updates!
Be well


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Enjoy that vacation! The ice cubes look wonderful!

Cheapchick said...

I love the ice cube idea - but you had me at the picked garlic :)