Sunday, May 31, 2009


Saturday we went to Cornwall, Ont (again). We really like the vintage vibes of this place.

All the old buildings, the thrift shops, flea market, different food. Even the liquor store (LCBO) is cool!

Here in Quebec the liquor store (goverment run) seems to have problems to sell local products, but in Ontario it's a plethora of local stuff!!!

I had found a new thrift store while surfing the web, the Agape centre thrift store. It was one of our first stop. Very clean, lotsa stuff, and will be on our regular list of Cornwall must see. We also tried a new restaurant: The Gemini Cafe. We had a crab bisque (delicious) and a greek chicken sandwich (marinated chicken breast,tzatziki sauce with dill, ripe tomatoes, onions on a grilled pita) Super fresh and amazing! No room for dessert! :(

I found some intersting stuff at a thrift store: A Mirro dial a cookie cookie press, Spice of life S&P, vintage napkings and a cute cinderella butterfly gold bowl at Value Village. All will make an appearance in the Etsy shop as soon as I can post pictures again (translation: as soon as I get a new computer.....)

Speaking of Value Village the Big Brothers and Big Sisters were having a celebration to thank the community for their support and we got free cake (SCORE).

This was one of the best days EVER, we were in a cocoon of fun and synchronicity, nothing could pee on our parade!

On the way back we found a really quirky "garage/conveniance store/auto parts place/flea market" in the middle of nowhere. The owner was real nice, the stuff interesting (where else can you buy a pound of nails, 4 tires, a summer dress, a coffee make,a helmet and a teddy bear??? tell me!)

If we can find the place again we will go for sure! I think it's west of St-Zotique!

All in all a fabulous day!

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