Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Road trip! Again???

Lachute Flea market! yes my friends!
A whole day of frolicking in the fields of vendors and unique items!

I still don't have a new computer,but it will be soon. I took the picture from a website

Thanks guys!

Since yesterday was overcast and we had rain like crazy the day before there was less people than in the pic. But we did have a lot of fun!!!

After only ten minutes I had bought 4 Pyrex delphite (made in Canada) cereal bowls, in mint condition I tell you! And I got a super good price on them-4 bowls for less than the price of one on ebay.

And later during the day I found a Pyrex delphite cream and sugar set never used (How do I know it was never used? The sugar still has a Pyrex sticker on it!). That seller really wanted to get rid of it 'coz the price was rock bottom....

There was a lot of Pyrex to be seen...A homestead bowl set in the original box, a verde bowl set, lots of Sunflower casseroles, turquoise bowls, primary sets and the prices were very reasonnable! Lots of Delphite too! Besides what I wrote earlier, I saw a big round serving plate, multiple cream and sugar set and a really sad (but really) complete dish set in a box under a table, thoses dishes had been in the dishwasher so many times they made me cringe!

After you have walked all around and seen the Shamwows (no Vince wasn't there) and you heard the tacky country music (recorded in somebody's kitchen while drunk-there is no other explanation for it ), you can go see the vendors inside. And there in a pile of rubble I recognized it and my heart made a small jump and I reached and grabbed a Pyrex lime lasagna dish (I didn't have one like that!!!) mint but real dirty and the price was right too (Still cheaper than ebay and no crazy shipping charges!)

I was spent! too much excitement! Time for sustenance at TopShot, where the baby back ribs are delicious and the beer is cold (the ribs were delicious but I don't know about the beer...too early in the day). We were so stuffed we had to take a walk before going back in the car!!!

I was soooo tired! It reminded me of Brimfield, Mass...

I am glad to stay home today and garden and hassle the tree service guy (he should come late next week, sigh!)

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