Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chew on this

Yesterday, out of the blue, I picked up this book out of my bookshelf and started reading. My Dad lend it to me quite a while ago...I guess I wasn't ready for it!
I read between my chores and during lunch and I even turned the TV off last night so I could read some more.
This book contains great trivia ( I love trivia). Like when the hamburger was first invented, how Colonel Saunders got his start, how the McDonald brothers first began.
But it's also full of disturbing facts! OMG! How they have focus groups made of children, how they're running ranchers out of business,how slaughter houses are run.....Now I know for sure how a lot of food borne illness happen!
And all that for MONEY! When you buy a soda at McDonald's they spend 9 cents on syrup....I'm freaking out!
The food preparation industry should be a place where everything is spotless, not where employees don't have time to take a pee break and do it while cutting meat!!!
Even with that I don't think I'll become a vegeterian, but I'll make more meatless meals and I want to know my meat! I'll definitely look for prevenance....
Now for happier subjects...The tech guy wrote me, I gave him my wish list and he should come back soon with a list of models.
The tree guy is supposed to be in my yard today....I'm so excited!

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