Friday, June 12, 2009


I was surfing the web looking for a baked red snapper recipe with bacon when I discovered this blog.....For all you bacon fanatics...

The bacon show, a bacon recipe everyday FOREVER! What's not to like???

Hum bacon, just the thought of bacon turns my brain to mush just like Homer Simpson. And the saliva gets going....and I crave bacon,like a crack addict!!!

Luckily I happened to read The Crazy Suburban Mom's latest post and the breathing vagina bit from the Doctors just made my bacon craving vanish....

If we ladies all went commando, oh man I just don't want to think about it! There's a reason people invented underwear!

And speaking of The Doctors what is going on with Dr. Lisa's face???? I think a tv show that is supposed to promote good health should'nt allow people to shoot up Botox like there was no tomorrow.
And I saw Oprah too with that forehead all smooth,wrinkle free (we know your age girl!). Leave the Botox alone! It's not attractive!!! I can always spot that fake look.....And when the stars from DWTS all have some work done before going on the show? I'm on to you Little Kim!!!

I worked with this guy obsessed by his looks, but really! Too much tanning salon, teeth too white with braces (at 46),streaks,facials, hair removal (all over) and the Botox! He always looked like a deer caught in headlights. And to me that looks oh! so fake! Like people will think this is natural???

pasty white one day and super tanned the next? So tanned in fact that customs stops you and do a double take on your passport picture?

Now what is wrong with aging gracefully?


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

LOLOL! No you just didn't say that!

I'm rolling here!

your too funny!



The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh and Im so with your on the botox, I havent seen an eyebrow move since the 90's and its distracting


Vonlipi said...

It's a great compliment comming from you!

Thanks for making my day!