Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thrifty Finds!

I had a super day yesterday! I came down to downtown Montreal in the afternoon and then the marathon began!

I had to stop at the Salvation Army! I just couldn't help

I made a quick prayer to the thrifting gods and went inside. I found some nice unused mustard and orange napkins (vintage of course) and a melmac cream and sugar set (minty fresh...) and a really cute JAJ casserole with roses on the side. Those items I'll put in the Etsy shop because I can't keep them, but there was NO way I could leave them there, they were just too nice !!!

For myself I found a Pyrex Sunflower 043 lid and 2 delicious milkglass tumblers, and a special cook book for my dad (I can't tell you which one 'coz my Dad is a regular reader and it would mess up the surprise). In case you weren't aware Father's day is just around the corner....The book was a bonus, the bigger gift is supernice if you're into that kind of stuf....

After I made a quick stop at a fancy grocery store to get fancy ingredients I can't find in the boondocks....then a sprint to the Chinatown for some Hoisin sauce and Oyster sauce (and Wasabi peas...come to little green nuggets of JOY!!!) and last but not least a power walk to Old Montreal where the restaurant was.

I was quite surprised by Steak Frites, the steak was tender served with a nice cream and cognac sauce and green ALL YOU CAN EAT HOMEMADE FRIES!!!! How can you beat that??? And a salad was included in the price also! It was bring your own wine....good deal

I had a lot of fun with my girlfriends, I hope we all meet again over the summer and that we never loose touch!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I'm going to an estate sale this morning and hoping for the best! you never know but sounds like you did great!


Vonlipi said...

I pray to the thrifting gods for some great bounty! lol