Friday, June 19, 2009

Mock orange, mock orange how I love you so

Richard bloom took the picture, I found it at

Here I was in my garden gathering some mock orange blooms for some bouquets (That sounds soooo like Martha!) and I said to myself : I'll post those pics in flickr....HELLO! HELLO! the lights are one but there's nobody home! I still can't do that, I still have the old rickety computer....LOL

I'm supposed to go get one over the weekend...Stay tuned for further developpements!

Back to the mock orange! I remember being 7 and running down my street, there was this big house with the biggest bush I'd ever seen and in June it would cover itself with the loveliest and purest white blooms, it's scent invading everything nook and cranny of the street. It also meant the end of school! I would stand on the sidewalk just smelling the sweet scent of mock orange and freedom!

When I got my house (The beige one lol!). I wanted to plant a mock orange but couldn't find one in the garden centers. By accident on an Ontario roadtrip I stopped at a hill side garden center and found a whole lot of them! Of course I brought one home!

We would run around the yard trying to find a good place for it. Of course we picked an awful place! LOL! The bush is doing fine but it's blocking (in part) the way to the side door of the fence....And I feel it's too big to try and move it ( I wouldn't want to kill it).

Veggie garden update: The tomato plants are in the soil, as are the ground cheeries, the peppers (pepperoncini,ancho and sweet pickles),the basil, the pumpins, the acorns, the butternuts and the cantalopes, the cucumbers have been sowed (lemon,white,summer breeze). Oh man that's a lot of veggies! I can't wait to see what happens since the big ol' branch is gone and the garden is now more than half the day in full sun!

Have a great weekend!



Mom Walds Place said...

I've been coveting a bit of mock orange from Great Grandpa who is 39 years old a few times. He is in the process of slowly pruning all of his bushes to death. It makes him happy, but there's barely any left to borrow from. I'm also coveting some of his Bridal Wreath. I have childhood memories of it like you do with the mock orange.

The funny thing is, is that my memories come from my Grandpa S. who lives 4 blocks away. Grandpa W. (the bush butcher) is my hubbies Grandpa.

We were so close when we were young and didn't even know it. We met as adults miles away from our grandpas. Isn't that weird?

Anyways, enjoy your flowers especially while your computer is a bust.

Etsy is slow for me right now, but I'm hanging in there. I'm hearing that others are slower too.

Maybe we should just garden right now.

Vonlipi said...

You are so right! let's garden and enjoy summer! It goes by so fast!