Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pool girl reporting for duty!

Phew! I think I just got dry!

What a day! I decided this morning to vacuum the pool. I never had any success doing that. Even if I kept asking questions, to the (pool) service dept, my friends husbands, basically anyone who has a pool, but I still couldn't properly vacuum it!

I've had the pool for 5 years and even if I never did the bottom drain handled the job, but not this year.

The liquid diarrhea has gone and has been replaced by turquoise (yet milky) water ( I take this as a good sign...). I keep testing the water and adding chemicals....but I'm not swimming yet!

Actually I'm dripping! I sweated soooo much today that I sprouted heat zits (how precious). And since I vacuumed I had to empty that little %$#!!%(*&%$ basket in the pump! And a geiser would soak me head to toe each time ( It never happened before), I had to empty that !@#%^&*^$#@$ basket 6 times today=6 chemical showers!

What am I doing wrong??? Don't know! Tomorrow I will call the sexist pool store and get treated like a lobotomized retard because there's something I didn't remember or understand.

Do men get born with the pool gene? I will NEVER give up! The pool will not win! I WILL!

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