Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ooooh flowers!

I still don't have fresh pictures.... I'm usually a compulsive shutterbug but since the computer incident I only take 30% of my usual quantity.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. I finished working on the front border: defining,weeding adding new soil and planting the annuals I bought the day before. The temperature has been really cold and wet lately and yesterday was supposed to be the only nice day, so I was outside most of the day.

Except that I sneeked in inside long enough to bake some water crackers and make a nice pasta fazul (pasta e fagioli) for supper. What's not to like? Vegeterian,low fat,full of fibre and oh so filling!!! You can even enjoy it at room temperature!

Well that was a success! Dan said I could make that everyday for ever (I don't think so!).

The crackers weren't dry or thin enough. But delicious as well, I'll just have to roll them thinner and leave them longer in the oven. I'm itching to try that recipe with different kinds of flour....

Today I'm heading to downtown Montreal to have supper with girlfriends and a visit to the Salvation Amy (YAY!) maybe I'll even have time to grocery shop in Chinatown.....

Have a nice day! :)

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