Monday, June 22, 2009


Aaaaahhhh! The seabreeze, the sand, the waves crashing....
I'm getting excited...I can't wait to take a dip!
Soon, soon!
Now for some Pyrex talk! When I first got the signs of Pyrexia (a very incidious desease....with strong urges to get as many Pyrex as you can, arythmia combined with hot flashes and bouts of tourette (omg,OMGOMGOMGOMG I DON'T HAVE THIS ONE!!!!!) I would wash them in a heavenly scented dishwashing liquid. Biolife dish soap ultra concentrated mango tangerine, it is in fact a generic product from Shoppers drug mart (Pharmaprix). But ever since, I associate this smell to new Pyrex. It's like a welcome wagon for the new dishes!
Everytime I wash a sinkfull of dishes memories of Pyrex comeback to me, the fun, the hunt, the surprises....Good times!
Pool update: It is more green now than liquid poop.
Raccoon update: You remember the one that came on my patio to eat bugs? Well I can tell you it is a mommy and I saw her with her baby the other day. Also I went to dump veggie peels in my compost bin and she was there in the bin snacking! We both scared to bejesus out of each other!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Yeah I so hear you :)


Totally relate to this... pyrexia, too funny! I'm so trying not to buy more until I sell some or if I see something I can't, ya know, resist


Vonlipi said...

But it's soooooo hard! My father doesn't mind Pyrexia. He says I could be gambling all my monies, or taking drugs, so the Pyrexia is ok.

I tried to sell some on Etsy but it's not a big success! I might try Ebay at the end of summer.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Ebays more expensive to list and I've had mixed results with pyrex because it costs so much to ship. People only seem to want to pay so much if shipping will be $10. But what are you supposed to do. Looking around ebay it seems that only the pieces that sell really well make sense to list


Vonlipi said...

Listing in ebay is like russian

You never know what will be a hit! I listed some dept 56 houses sold only 2 on a bunch of 10....