Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bestest day!

I swear it was the bestest day! We had lunch with my Dad at L'Express bistro ( a reference for french food in Montreal)
And we went and got my very early B-Day gift ( a computer!), OMG I'm so excited!!! It needs to be programmed, but I'll have it soon enough....I can't wait to post the gazillion pictures I took!!!
That is definitely the part I miss the most. Uploading pictures in Flickr, it is one of my artistic outlets.
We then took a nice leisurely card ride back to my Dad's and I gave him his gifts ( An italian cook book that he had been looking for 4ever, a clear 502 pyrex refrigerator dish and a 1927 Fry juicer). I also got a boatload of new Pyrex (new to me that is!!!) all that I didn't have! Goody,goody I'm like a kid in a candy store! I'm soooo spoiled! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
To go home we took the old roads near the river and stopped at a DQ for a little cone and came home at 6 PM. I had to fiddle with the pool ( no pool boy around here, just a pool girl!) Got soaked...eeeewwwww and I'm happy to report that the water is a pale khaki tonite...LOL
And the stench disappeared ! Now it's the chlorine channel...all chlorine, all the time!!!
I got the carafe in the pic last year at the Salvation Army, It's now in a box somewhere and I need to find it coz' I'm itching for some iced tea...


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Ive been looking for one of those juice containers for like forever!


Vonlipi said...

Those are really handy! I still haven't looked for it! thanks for reminding me :)