Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend wrap up

We had plans to go to the Vanleek Hill's Trash or Treasure garage sale on Saturday but thursday we changed our minds.
We felt we would be better off dropping stuff off at the Salvation Army. Stuff that was getting on my nerves (from the garage sale) and that people didn't bother with. Plain glasses and a lot of BBQ utensils (why we had so much I don't know why).
Of course I had to go inside! And I found 2 beautiful Kromex canisters (tea and coffee) with yellow lids. They will go in my shop, when I'm able to download pictures.
The rest of the day was cold and overcast. I gardened but not as much-when it's too cold I just want to curl up with a kitty and TV!!!
I made mega delicious burgers with fried mushrooms,red onions,dijon and cream cheese on rye bread (OMG!) served with homefries...And I even found some cupcakes in the freezer and a Tupperware full of icing. That was definitely the perfect end to a perfect day!
Sunday, I started working on the front border and had a vision that annuals would really put a splash of color, so we went to my neighborhood garden center (you can't get more local than that) and I bought a cool assortment of blooms.
Supper was Quinoa pilaf, with bbq pork chops and peas-YUM!
Today I plan to take a walk,finish the front border, work on the veggie garden and make homemade water crackers....
As for the picture, it was taken about 2 weeks ago when the forget me nots were in full force. I placed them in one of my favorite vases bought last summer at the Salvation Army. I don't know the maker and it doesn't have any marks...Only that it's milkglass and I love it!


Mom Walds Place said...

Lovely forget-me-nots! I finally planted some this year. Classic blue, and an a white one in our white bed.

That's a classic vase, nice photo.

Vonlipi said...

Thanks for you comment! I always enjoy your visits!.

What I like the most about forget-me-nots is that they multiply and that from 1 plant 13 years ago I have a lot now. I move it,give some away....but I can always rely on it, year after year! :)