Friday, June 26, 2009


Can the casseroles come out and play? Well of course!

I had misplaced my bid laddle (how can someone loose a big laddle in their own house????)

Well it certainly was time for a big cleaning. All the pots and pans are in this awkward corner cupboard. When I look for something I have to kneel and use a flashlight!

I might as well, take all the Pyrex casseroles out as well and rearrange and take pictures!

And I found the laddle! But no sign of the waffler iron's cord (that vanished as well....Did I throw it out???)
I have been cleaning the house for nearly a year now....It's a slow process, I just couldn't start throwing things out, well most of them at least...I sold a lot through Ebay but by Xmas my stuff wasn't selling as well and what was I had trouble getting paid. I started an Etsy boutique as well, it's doing ok but you have to be patient. I gave clothes and books to the church basement and we had a garage sale. What we haven't sold will be offered at another garage sale 2morrow but as per the Weather Channel it will rain.....So instead we will go to the Salvation Army and donate the boxes and that will be the end of that circle.
Everything has a lifespan and it doesn't mean that if I don't want something it's not good anymore.It needs to find another home and it probably will through the Salvation Army!
Knowing me...I will probably start accumulating stuff for another garage sale (2014-2015), maybe you'll read about this in a blog, LOL!
Pool update: I took my first swim last night, 80 degrees, the bottom is 90% clean, the water was chemically perfect. I will vaccum again today (if it's not raining)


Mom Walds Place said...

Pool Happiness!!!

I don't have problems with payments on Ebay, maybe we should email.

I'm finding waaaay more fun people on Etsy though!

Hey! A BLACK lid!!! Since when??!!! You are sooo lucky.

Vonlipi said...

I'm dancing the Happy Pool dance!!!

Sure!Write me at

I just learned that the black lid is called Midnight Bloom. I have had it for a year now. I love it! :)

loliecraft said...

WOW!!! I cannot get over how beautiful your dishes are. You have such a great collection!

Vonlipi said...

Thanks loliecraft! But it does take a lot of place! lol ;-)