Thursday, June 4, 2009


I just got the news that my ex-employer is cutting 24 jobs out of 36 in my old work group.
2/3 of coach/trainers will loose their jobs in the days to come.
Was I meant to be cut or what? In today's scenario I would loose my job in 2 or 3 weeks. OMG!
I'm so glad I lost my job when I did! I didn't pay extra income tax and got to see spring TWICE!
I feel bad for my ex-coworkers ( a lot of booze will be consumed tonight...) I'm sure some will have sleepless nights and the atmosphere at work will be crap! And now for a happier subject!!!
Let's talk about Delphite! It's my favorite shade of blue....I'm so glad that these cups and saucers were made in Canada (I have easier access to it!). They're sitting on the table that all the people from my garage sale were inquiring about...I will not sell this table anytime soon (They'll have to pry it out of my stiff dead hands!!! LOL hahahahaha!)
I had a really good day, was really productive outside. Removed tons of creeping jenny,moved a daisy, a fern, planted a lavender and an anonymous plant from the front, destroyed 2 honeysuckles that were in really bad shape, spray painted a metal caddy white and mailed the first book I sold through! I made more money from this book than if I had sold all the books in the garage sale! OMG!
Did I mention that the scooter is sold as well? YES! Money to buy wood to fix the fence and the patio!
Right this minute, I have beef marinating for some chinese beef and pepper stir fry and Dan is staining the patio....Goodtimes!


Mom Walds Place said...

Wait, wait, wait! You forgot to mention that the sugar still has the sticker on it!

Some of us have never even seen this pattern, and then you go and get one with the sticker. A whole box full, Wow!

Ya know, I did just get a half-size cup that looks like it might be the same pattern. It's in more of an oatmeal color, but it's opaque. Would you know the pattern name, so I can look it up?

Two good days in a row. I hope you're weekend is just as nice.

Vonlipi said...

Yes the sugar still has the sticker on it!

The picture in this post is an old one with an older cream and sugar set with flea bites!

The pattern is called Pie Crust. If it is oatmeal I believe it is Cremax, but I'm no expert on it. You might want to post a pic on Flickr and ask for some help!