Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Here one minute gone the next I was sitting in my living room in pijamas....Enjoying a nice pb toast with a cuppa joe...Watching a rerun of The Cleaner...And I hear noise, big truck noise and I see this guy on my neighbor's lawn and then it hit me!

THE TREE GUY IS HERE!!!! I'm so excited and I cannot hide it,I'm about to loose control and I think I like it....

Right this minute, there's a guy in my tree with a chainsaw and ropes and he's slicing and dicing...

I should start planting my vegetable garden this afternoon, don't look for me that's where I'll be!

Yes I know some of you might think I'm very late for my veggie garden....Well the peas and the beans have been in the ground for quite a while and doing nicely so is the arugula.

If I look back way back in time, the specialists used to tell us that in Quebec it was safe to plant tomatoes ONLY after St-Jean Baptiste day which is June 24th, so I'm one week early!

I had my first Pyrex breakage yesterday and it was just like a sci-fi movie....I was washing one of those restaurant ware bowls, you know the white ones with a turquoise band with leaves (turquoise fern, I think)(It's the small one in the pic!) and I banged it on the side of the sink and it exploded in midair and in slomo !!! Glass all over the place, and the noise! Like a gun went off! Of course I cut myself :(
I wasn't really sad...I'm so much less materialistic now, you break well that's life! What can you do!


Mom Walds Place said...

So a tree and a bowl were both here and gone. What a day! Life's never dull.

Hey, I looked up the Chinese recipe. Hubby used one online, it's reeeeaaallly long. It is Char Sio, or Chinese Barbecue Pork. Just don't cut yourself again.

Vonlipi said...

Thanks for the info! I'll try to find it.

You are so right, life is never dull ;-)