Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pivotal moments

I'm giving total credit to my fellow blogger and hysterically funny Crazy Suburban Mom for this post.

She did a pivotal moments post last Monday and it really got me thinking....

1) The what do you mean it's not yellow??? moment (this is a pic of my house)

When we bought the house 14 years ago, I was soooo sure it was yellow (really,really sure, cross my heart hope to die kinda sure....).

A couple of months go by and Dan mentions the beige siding...Beige? BEIGE???? What do you mean beige siding???? What do you mean it's not yellow??? I bought a beige house! I BOUGHT A BEIGE HOUSE!!!! And then snap crackle pop I start bawling my eyes out ( I couldn't believe it, I bought a beige house??? I hate beige!)

With a green roof and a green balcony it now looks yellower!

2) The I'm just as good moment

That one happened in 2008, after being laid off. 2007 and early 2008 were really hard at work. I had awful coworkers who treated me like crap and let's face it I felt like crap (ok what is happening with the font???).I was feeling not as good as everybody and very self conscious. Always wondering what people would think of me....

I was feeling shy and not up to par. Then it hit me! I'm just as good as anyone!!! I'M JUST AS GOOD AS ANYONE!!!! HEEHAW!!! WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF ME! I love myself! I'm nice and fun to be with and I love Pyrex, and cats and bold colors and hawaian shirts!!!

Needless to say I have been feeling great ever since! LOL

3) The dogs love to work moment

This one hit me last week. I'm more of a cat person especially since the only dog I had (Pogo) got run over by a car in front of me when I was 5 (to deal with the pain I had a 3 color popsicle). Barking dogs bugged me, I found them a pain in the butt.

Until last week when I physically felt the quarter fall (like a pinball machine) and I saw a little light...Dogs are just doing their job!

DOGS LOVE TO WORK!!! I see it in their eyes, they want to do a good job for their masters. And I also hear it in their barks : Go away stranger or hello there friend or I'm watching my territory, don't worry I'll tell you if there's something going on.

Since then I'm friends with all the dogs in my neighborhood!

So for me ,they could be trivial or important, pivotal moments will (there goes the font again???) make you see life in a different way!

Have a great one!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Holy crap that house so looks yellow to me. omg... its beige?????

And you totally made me want to do another one of those posts!! :) I thought of like 3 more of them...


Vonlipi said...

Yep beige....If you do another one I'll read it fo'sure!

matersum said...

Gee, I thought it was yellow too. That day I was there... I thought, "Oh, cool yellow house!"


Well anyway, those are some great moments. :D I love little epiphanies like that.

loliecraft said...

I really enjoyed this post! I felt like I got to learn a little about you, and it was very funny to read.

1. That house looks yellow to me! It's really pretty too.

2. From what I know of you, you are a great and cool person so I'm glad you are feeling better about yourself now!

3. This is such a cute story! I'm glad you've made up with the dogs in your neighbourhood :)

Vonlipi said...

Thanks everybody! I loved your comments!

Talking about yourself can be liberating or gut wrenching, this time it was liberating!

My neighbor's dog Bud, now comes and welcomes me home even if he's blind! He's such a sweetie! :)